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Start-ups. Owner Managed Businesses. Large Corporates. International Groups. Private Clients. 


Global Mobility Consulting & Compliance. Expatriate Taxes & Policy. Employment Taxes. International & Domestic Payroll. Social Security. Reward. Global Compensation. Short Term Business Visitors. Assignment Costing. 


All Sectors. 


Michael is a senior manager in AAB’s US Tax Practice. Based in our London office, Michael’s role is to provide his clients with US advisory and compliance services regarding US individual income taxes and US employment taxes for a globally mobile workforce.  

Michael has a strong US individual and US employment tax technical knowledge. Part of his role is to focus on tax technical developments and ensure that the services we provide remain current. 


“My clients rightly expect excellent technical knowledge and I always aim to meet their expectations. The world of US tax is complex and forever changing, and I pride myself on the expertise I have built on throughout my career. I am really pleased when I am able to see the difference I have been able to make to individuals and businesses. 

The US has federal, state and locality taxes, so its wide subject area. I keep up with changes by carrying out constant research.  

This enables me to think outside the box and provide the best solution to my clients. This might be something that the client was not expecting, or maybe at first not even wanting to consider. However, through building close relationships, my clients trust the decisions I make.” 


“A pet hate I have about how our profession is perceived is that we just do yearly tax returns, it is so much more than that. When it comes to working with US individuals in a globally mobile environment, there can be countless things to consider and other tax legislation to manage that is equally important.  

That is why building trust is vital. I always aim for my clients to have complete faith in me, to know that they can leave me to deal with all individuals within their organisation without worrying about the quality of service they are receiving. As well as trust, the relationships I have with my clients need to be built on mutual respect. Clients that engage with me, and want to work alongside me, always generates a great outcome. By having a mutual understanding of the information needed and working towards understanding the exact situation we are dealing with, clients can be confident that they will be getting the best solution.” 


“Working with my colleagues to achieve a common goal is one of the most satisfying parts of my role. The team at AAB are very collaborative and we all take the time to support each other. We all appreciate the importance of taking the time to get to know our clients, and finding bespoke solutions that help them.  

The fact AAB is evolving and expanding at an impressive pace is really exciting for me. Being part of the dedicated US tax practice allows me to continue to develop my skillset whilst also influencing how we best provide our services, so I’m very much looking forward to what is to come.” 

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