I generally work with employers of various sizes.


I assist with managing employee benefits packages in place as well as implementation of new packages.


All sectors.

“we have a wealth of knowledge & experience.”

Lauren Cranna is a Employee Benefits Manager. Based in our Glasgow office, Lauren helps to manage employee benefits packages that businesses already have, and also helps companies to implement new packages effectively and smoothly.

open & clear communication

“In my opinion, an ideal relationship with a client is where you can communicate openly and clearly which allows you to understand your client’s needs and how they operate. The better you can understand them, the more you can tailor benefit packages which are relevant to them. From me, I think clients are looking for a reliable and efficient service that provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in the employee benefits market. Our performance and efficiency allow us to stand out to clients.”

maximum innovation & perspective

“What is most satisfying about working with clients is knowing that with your knowledge and expertise, you are providing an invaluable service that allows them to allocate their time and expertise on what they do best. When a client trusts you to manage their employee benefits, you feel a part of their team in their business, which is fantastic.

I also really enjoy working with the rest of the Corporate Benefits team; collaborating together allows for maximum productivity, innovation, ongoing support and perspective. I’m grateful for all the professional connections I’ve made, as they will often lead to opportunities that can help you grow in your career journey.”

daring & disruptive

“I feel that the fact that AAB is quite daring and disruptive is great for business. These qualities are at the forefront of a company that is forward-thinking, innovative and don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a standard accountancy business – we can do and offer so much more. As someone who is pretty feisty and assertive myself, I feel that these qualities are vital for an exciting and innovative firm.”

the ultimate package

“Technology is always evolving, and I encourage the implementation of technology in all areas of the business. This allows us to have more time to focus on the areas requiring hands-on support resulting in the ultimate package for our clients.”

providing solutions

“The world is a different place after COVID19 and most businesses are finding that employees are more interested in the total benefit package, and not just the salary. We tackle this by providing advice, implementation and managing their employee benefits, allowing businesses to attract and retain talent.”

excited to be a part of aab’s journey

“I am excited to be part of a company who places their employees at the heart of their culture, who continue to support my career development and there is no glass ceiling to what I can achieve.

AAB is ambitious and this shines bright with how far it has come over the last 30 years. I look forward to being part of the journey and for everything that is yet to come!”

integrity, energy & optimism

“My greatest strengths are my integrity, energy and optimism which is the perfect combination when it comes to working with clients and teammates.”

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