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Start-ups. Owner Managed Businesses. Large Corporates. International Groups. Private Clients. 


Global Mobility Consulting & Compliance. Expatriate Taxes & Policy. Employment Taxes. International & Domestic Payroll. Social Security. Reward. Global Compensation. Short Term Business Visitors. Assignment Costing. 


All Sectors. 


Jess Hodgson is a Senior Manager in our US Tax Practice, sitting within our Payroll and Employment Taxes team and based in our London office. 

Jess works with companies that have a US footprint on their operations, either domestically within the US or with their international operations. This can range from large, to start-up organisations and also private individuals and spans all sectors. Cross-border operations can be complex and Jess has the experience and expertise to ensure compliance obligations are met, but also importantly that they are understood. 


“I pride myself in providing a humanistic approach to my work, putting myself in the position of our clients is key to being able to provide real solutions. I have developed an ability to explain complex matters in a way that can be understood by non-experts, breaking down the technical to provide practical, step-by-step solutions. 

With secondment experience working within internal tax operations for a large technology company, I understand some of the challenges our clients face first hand. I know that building a relationship based on trust is paramount to a successful partnership and I want our clients to continue to rely on me for any queries they have, not just in my area of expertise.  

I stand by the phrase ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question, if it’s sincere’ and I really want our clients to feel that level of comfort with me as their advisor, where they can ask me anything and I will always do my best to assist.” 


“By educating and empowering our clients, we are seeing a changing landscape, our clients are coming to us with proactive, rather than reactive questions. It is important for us to give our clients the tools to understand the initial steps required and as trusted advisors, we can work together to ensure our clients are compliant when they need to be, from the start. 

I will never leave a stone unturned, working flexibly to meet others needs and ensuring resolution, even within the tightest of deadlines. If I believe there is a different, better way to do something, I will raise suggestions and justify my reasoning to offer the very best to our clients.” 


I always try to go the extra mile, which often means navigating some extreme multi-tasking! I thrive in a fast-paced environment and always have time for anyone, from clients, to taxpayers, to colleagues. The greatest compliment I’ve received was being the only named individual in a major piece of global feedback from a client, who specifically recognised me for leading their compliance programme in a particularly challenging year for them. It makes all the hard work worth it when you know you have made a difference.”


The accounting profession has long laboured under the weight and stigma of the accounting stereotype. The perception that a career as a tax professional is underwhelming or boring and the individual may be an introvert or negatively systematic is very frustrating. Gone are the days of the dull, grey suited individual, the modern accounting professional is dynamic, creative and relationship focussed. I am proud to be a tax consultant and help to change the stigma attached to the ‘accounting profession’. 

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