Senior Finance Manager



Hotel groups. Hotel Management Companies. Individual hotels. Serviced apartments. Varying from limited service to full-service properties incorporating golf & leisure.


Provide and review financial statements. Monitor, develop, implement and advise on internal processes. Contact point for new clients. Ad Hoc client projects & external audit support.


Hotel Accounting.

“We’re dedicated to supporting our clients along their journeys to success.”

J’aininne Sinclair is a Senior Finance Manager within the AAB Hotel Accounting team. Based in our Glasgow office, she is a hotel operational and finance specialist with over 20 years’ experience in hotel finance and outsourced solutions.

In her day-to-day role, J’aininne ensures effective and efficient running of hotel accounting operations while overseeing and managing key client relationships. J’aininne also supports the management team in resolving any arising issues for clients in a timely and efficient manner and ensures the onboarding process is as smooth as it can be.

Working in partnership with clients

“Collaboration is key when it comes to working with clients. I enjoy building strong relationships and working in close partnership with clients so that I can ensure we help our clients achieve their objectives. We want to become part of our client’s team and we’re dedicated to supporting our clients along their journeys to success in any way we can.

Building rapport is also really important. Our clients want to feel heard, appreciated and valued. I always strive to provide work and advice that is honest, transparent & reliable.”

No two days are the same

“The part of my job that I enjoy the most is being able to meet people from all walks of life and build meaningful relationships with them. Having worked extensively in customer facing roles within hotels in the past I understand how our clients feel and can empathise with the challenges that they face. It’s really rewarding being able to share my own experience, knowledge and expertise with our clients to support their success.

There’s a perception of the accountancy industry being boring and dull, but personally, I find working on hotel accounts incredibly rewarding and engaging. No two days are ever the same and I love being able to see the tangible impact of our work on the business.”

Achieving a balancing between automation and the human touch

“A large part of our success comes from getting the balance right, being able to really identify when and what to automate and when a hands-on approach would be the most beneficial. We focus on streamlining and automating mundane, repetitive tasks, making more time for the team to focus on more complex areas. In addition to this, we work closely in-person with our clients to provide an enhanced service offering, working with them through every step in their journey.”

The impact of a people-focused workplace

“I like that the firm offers individuals unmatched opportunities no matter where they are at within the firm. I feel that having this value in place then feeds into the rest of our company values. It is only when we respect and trust our people that we’ll get the best output from them. This in turn creates a positive work environment while also encouraging team collaboration, leading to better solutions and higher productivity.”

My strengths

“I’d say my strengths are that I’m tenacious and persevere to achieve not only my own goals but also the goals and objectives of our clients. Additionally, having experienced the challenges that our clients face allows me to bring value to the services we provide and give insight to not only to our client’s but also our team. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive and personalised service we can.”

Excited for the future

“It’s really exciting being part of a growing, tech-enabled services group that offers a broad spectrum of support and solutions across many sectors globally. We have amazing support, allowing us to further develop our systems and create complimentary solutions for our clients. The firm is dedicated to success of the team and our clients, and I look forward to what the future holds.”


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