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Hotel groups, hotel management companies and individual hotels and serviced apartments.

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Provide a comprehensive, outsourced hotel accounting service.

“Every client relationship has to be a partnership.”

Ian Bremner is a Hotel Accounting Partner. With many years of experience within the Hotel Sector Ian helped to build our Hotel Accounting offering. A sector specific specialism that provides up to the minute, accurate financial and non-financial and benchmarking information to hotel clients.

The experience that Ian brings to the team enables it to deliver an unrivalled, bespoke service specifically for hotels, providing the critical financial information they need to focus on what truly matters – running their business.

Building partnerships

“I believe that every client relationship should be a partnership – we must work together with our client to achieve their objectives. To help clients achieve their goals requires that we are all on the same page, working in tandem towards that goal. Without the spirit of partnership, the service will not work. We seek to become part of our client’s team, working together, to ensure the success of the hotel.”

Working as a team

“Internally, we work as a partnership as well. We are all striving to deliver a high-quality service that helps our clients to prosper. To do this we have to work closely across all teams. We are a team of around 50 people with a wide variety of experience and skillsets enabling us to offer advice and help and support each other. It is great to be able to learn from those around you as we develop best practices.”

A service that gives you more

“I believe that what we do in the sector is unique. We work to add value to our clients by challenging the traditional methods of accounting with a service that gives them more. The service we offer to clients is specifically tailored to them. We are continually adapting and updating our service offering to ensure that it keeps up to date with developments in the sector and to reflect current best practice.  Our accounting and reporting is based on the Universal System of Accounts for the Lodgings Industry (USALI) – an industry standard across the sector.”

Automation, automation, automation

“Over the years it has become clear that the success of our business has in many ways been as a result of our efforts to automate as many processes as possible. By developing processes to automate the collection and recording of income and statistics, as well as ensuring our finance system integrates with all procurement and rota management systems, we are able to spend time reviewing and interpreting the information, rather than simply collecting and processing it manually.”

Diversifying service offerings

“It has been a great experience to lead and develop our hotel accounting team. I have enjoyed being able to motivate and inspire our team – our people are the only asset we have. I am excited to continue to develop our service offering – diversifying into new areas such as forecasting and planning and scaling up to enable us to support more hotels irrespective of brand or location.”

Most important asset

“Our people are most important asset. Every day is different in our world and we work with a wide variety of clients. It’s important to continually challenge and inspire our people. At AAB we have a culture where our team is expected to react quickly to client needs.  The hotel sector is 24/7 365 days a year and on many occasions our team will work outwith normal business hours to support our clients.   At the same time there is a lot of positivity and fun across the group, the average person spends so much of their life at work.  We want to make sure that our people enjoy the time they spend at work. Every team member is valued and we seek to offer opportunities to those who wish to develop their career.  Happy colleagues will go above and beyond for clients, they want to deliver a top quality service that they are proud to be associated with, and our aim is to do whatever we can to encourage and motivate all our team members.”

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