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Ensuring client satisfaction.


Chris Hunt is an operations specialist at AAB Payroll Inc. Based in our Grand Rapids Michigan office, Chris’ role focuses on ensuring business matters are appropriately addressed between clients and the business itself. For Chris being able to genuinely help clients and make a positive impact on their businesses is his main goal. He is emphatic about ensuring our solutions meet the needs of our clients.


“The most important element of a client relationship for me is trust. From trust in our processes to trust in our answers and capabilities as a team. I want clients to know and believe they can count on us to take care of them and have their best interests at heart. It’s only when that trust is established that our relationship with a client can reach its full potential.”


“I pride myself on ensuring our clients are taken care of. Whether it’s answering simple day to day questions or a larger ongoing issue, I want clients to feel comfortable coming to me. If they are that means we have a relationship of trust, and they believe I have the ability to answer their questions. I’ll always go above and beyond to get answers for clients- if I don’t have them, I will find someone that does.

With us being part of AAB Group if I don’t have the answer, it’s likely that someone across the Group will. That’s one of the best parts about being part of a group that has so many experts.”


“One of the best things about working with clients is being able to genuinely help them and add value. There’s nothing better than a client coming to us with a specific issue they’ve been battling for a while and then we’re able to help them with a unique solution that solves their problem. Sometimes it’s just having an outside perspective to that problem and other times it’s the knowledge and experience our team have from working with such a diverse range of clients. Knowing how adaptable our solution is so rewarding and makes me proud to work here”.


“At AAB Payroll Inc we’re a small team but that’s in no way a negative. It means that we all have a real understanding of what everyone does. We’ve been able to create a knowledge sharing culture where we can all learn from each other. The culture we have enables me to gain important insight and knowledge from our people that I can use to delight our clients. I love that even though we work in different departments we can still help each other grow in this amazing environment.”


“I am always pushing to be my best self at work, that’s my driving force. Having the drive and confidence to take on new challenges and push not only myself but the team and the business forward. That means not shying away from a challenge and utilising my knowledge and experience to support clients even if they aren’t 100% convinced.

In the future, I am most excited to see where my drive and determination will take me in my career with AAB. I look forward to pushing myself to my absolute limits, taking on challenges I never anticipated, and growing my skillset out to be the best I can be.”


“It cannot be denied that technology is an amazing tool available. It is also so important in the development and progress journey of a business.

That being said a hands- on approach will always have its place. Having a balance means we can support clients more effectively and tailor our approach based on the needs of our clients.”

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