Corporate Finance Manager


Who I help

Owner managed SMEs. Large corporates. Private equity firms. Commercial banks.

How I help

M&A lead advisory. Financial due diligence.  Financial modelling. Valuations.

Sectors/ Support

All sectors, including Food & Drink, and Technology

“You can’t undervalue trust”

Based in our Edinburgh office, Chloe McAteer is an Assistant Manager within our Corporate Finance team.

Chloe works with a diverse range of clients providing M&A lead advisory support, financial due diligence, financial modelling, and valuations. As well as supporting a variety of clients within a Corporate Finance capacity, she has connections to, and valuable experience in the hospitality sector. She utilises this experience and knowledge as a pivotal member of AAB’s dedicated food and drink sector team, which she has actively been part of since 2019.


“When it comes to client relationships, you can’t undervalue trust. Due to the nature of my role, I’m often working alongside clients during transformative periods of their life. We might be helping them to dispose of a business that they have dedicated over 20+ years to, or they might be looking for help to materialise ambitious growth plans in order to take their business to the next level. It’s a time where both the stakes and emotions are running high and therefore is imperative that our clients can trust us as a safe pair of hands to lead them through the process and help them to achieve their goals.

To gain the trust of our clients, it’s important that we maintain honest and open communication throughout the process.  By cultivating a candid and honest relationship, we have the opportunity to really understand both the client and their needs, which is key to a successful engagement.”

Opportunity to learn

“The work we do in Corporate Finance is largely project based which I enjoy as the cliché rings true in that “no two days are the same” – each project is a new opportunity for me to further my knowledge and experience.  There is a wealth of experience across the team so it helps that I can lean on my colleagues to gain insight and knowledge whenever I come across something new.  Our work is very often a team effort so we’re always supporting one another.

Our work is demanding but being project based, it is always gratifying when we reach completion of a deal, and the result of our hard work becomes palpable.”

Hybrid approach

“I don’t think that virtual communication will completely replace face-to-face interactions with our clients as in-person meetings will always be an essential component in building positive relationships.

We’ve never shied away from getting out in the field and immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses but that’s not to say that a hybrid approach doesn’t have its benefits. Being tech enabled has meant that we’re able to work with clients across multiple geographies and time zones with ease.  Having the ability to work with clients wherever they are in the world has allowed us to respond to challenges quickly and efficiently and has been integral to delivering cross border transactions.”

Exciting growth journey

“The way in which AAB has supported my career development to date has been remarkable.  Working under a team of people who are genuinely and proactively rooting for me has been crucial in allowing me to reach my potential.

It’s been such an exciting time to be involved in the business as it embarks on its growth journey, AAB today is almost unrecognisable from the AAB I joined in 2017 as a placement student.  I’m looking forward to seeing where that growth trajectory continues to take us over the next few years.”

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