Private Client Assistant Manager


Who I help

Private individuals. Trusts.

How I help

Tax Planning, Tax Compliance.

“High Quality Bespoke Tax Advice.”

Charlie Dunning is a Private Client Assistant Manager based in our Leeds office. His role involves managing and advising a portfolio of private clients that includes company directors, investors, barristers and trusts.

Charlie helps clients by managing their tax affairs, ensuring they are tax compliant, identifying their plans and goals for the future to identify tax planning opportunities for them to reduce their tax liabilities.

Effective Communication

“My role involves helping clients to manage their own personal tax affairs, therefore it’s a given that this needs to be a close personal relationship. The ideal foundation for that relationship is focused around both parties abilities to provide clarity and communicate effectively. It’s important for me that I honour my clients by being clear and honest from the very first day about anything and everything. MY word is really important to me, so if I say I’ll get something done for them then I’ll do everything to ensure that I get it done.”

Solving complex problems

“All of my clients are different, Even if they are in similar roles, they’ve all lived completely different lives and their circumstances are totally different. I love that each client is different. That some cases are really complex or clients come to me with a uniquely interesting problem and it’s my job to provide high quality bespoke tax advice to help them. If I can give them peace of mind that their tax affairs are handled and in safe hands that’s a big win in my book.”

Big Data

“One of the biggest challenges for private client is the high volumes of big data that we’re dealing with. At the same time we’re looking to ensure that our processes are both streamlines and efficient as possible.

AAB being a tech-enabled business means that we are able to utilise technology to help us overcome this challenge. By creating workflows that reduce the risk of business errors whilst also streamlining what we do so that the team can recover well on work.”

People at the heart of everything we do

“It’s really exciting to be part of AAB as we continue on the growth journey. Seeing first-hand how far the company has come is amazing. Especially as a business that puts technology and people at the heart of everything it does. I can’t wait to see what’s next for AAB . Great opportunities have already come during my time within the business, and I expect that trend will continue. For people starting out in their career there’s so much opportunity to really specialise and develop your knowledge that you might not get elsewhere.”

Twofold compliment

“One of the best compliments a client paid me came in two parts- following a planning meeting a client personally thanked me for explaining how the tax saving worked clearly and in a way that they were able to easily understand. A lot of what we do is technical and can be confusing, so I always try to explain that information in a way that is easily understood. That same client has since referred two new clients to me which was a compliment in itself. You’re not referring someone’s services that you didn’t think were very good so knowing that they enjoyed working with me enough to recommend me to others was amazing.”

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