Venue saves time on weekly payroll for 250 employees

Case Study26th Mar 2020


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Our Client 

An entertainment venue with limited resource in their finance team spending significant time on weekly payroll for up to 250 weekly paid employees. 

Our Approach 

  • Took the time to truly understand the client’s needs 
  • Tailored approach to outsourcing payroll in order to save the client time 
  • Implementation plan for moving staff to monthly payroll instead of weekly 
  • Payroll data was capture by implementing the latest software 

The Outcome 

  • Bespoke reports for management were produced so the client was assured they were in line with regulations and had useful management data to hand  
  • Reduced time requirements with monthly payroll 
  • Internal software costs reduced 
  • Finance team could focus on other areas 
  • Management reports that are useful for making decisions
  • Time invested at the outset to develop a robust system, any future changes can be easily implemented 


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