Start-up spirits distiller benefits from expertise

Case Study5th Oct 2021


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Our Client 

A start-up Spirits Distiller based in Scotland. The entrepreneur behind the start-up had no previous experience of running a business. 

Our Approach 

  • Worked with the entrepreneur to create a business plan that included mapping out the strategy, the brand and the route to market and conduct market research 
  • Prepared a financial projection model to ascertain the level of investment required and trading levels required to make it a viable business proposition 
  • Provided all the necessary accounting compliance, accounting software, tax compliance and other support as necessary 
  • Worked with entrepreneur to identify likely sources of investment for the business

The Outcome 

  • Gave the client peace of mind that we are managing every aspect of the start-up and compliance of the company 
  • Worked with the entrepreneur to help them to evaluate whether the initial concept was a viable business proposition 
  • Structured the amount invested by the entrepreneur in a tax efficient manner 
  • Introduced the entrepreneur to high-net-worth individuals that provided follow on investment to the company once the entrepreneur had started trading and proven the concept 
  • Structured investors’ investment in a tax efficient manner utilising all available tax reliefs 
  • Providing ongoing support to the client as the business continues to grow 

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