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BLOG9th Oct 2018


The world of “The Cloud” can be a daunting place however, it is way the world is going and more so in the world of cloud accounting. There are many benefits of the cloud and cloud accounting including improved visibility, increased accessibility and real time information however, if it goes wrong it can be a stressful experience and panic mode can set in. Based on the most frequent queries we receive from our clients, we have collated a list of useful links to help you when things do not go as expected and the best way to deal with them.

Xero System Status

As you may be aware, on 13 September 2018, Xero had an outage for around 7 hours. This is very unusual for Xero, but it was a very stressful time for users who needed to access Xero and were unsure how to address the situation. If this is to happen again, the most important thing to do is to check the Xero system status using the link below. Throughout any issues or outages, Xero will post regular updates to keep their users informed on the situation. It will also help confirm if it is a system-wide issue or an individual issue.


Bank feed status

One of the most common queries we receive is regarding Xero bank feeds. Due to the number of banks and financial institutions that Xero now links directly with, on occasion, the bank feeds from the institutions can be delayed for a number of reasons.

To avoid any undue stress, you can check for any known delays with bank feeds and target times and frequencies of direct bank feeds using the links below.



Xero Error Messages

If you have tried to logon to Xero and received an “Oops something went wrong” error message, the article below outline the steps you can take to help resolve the error and get you back up and running in no time.


Xero Central

Xero Central has many pages on almost every function of Xero something like Xero Central is a source of information and guidance on everything Xero.

You can search popular topics on Xero Central using the link below:


For more information please contact Lauren Wilson (lauren.wilson@aab.uk) or your usual AAB contact.