Modelling Risks & Opportunities in Upstream Oil & Gas

BLOG19th Mar 2020

The double whammy of COVID-19 and a global oil price war is presenting what might be one of the upstream oil & gas sectors’ biggest challenges to date.

As the sector begins to face the reality of extreme market conditions, there will inevitably be asset and corporate risks to evaluate and decisions to be made.

Consequentially, for companies and investors in more fortunate positions, there will be opportunities to be pursued and realised.

In a highly uncertain market, AAB is ready to support either situation with its unique upstream oil & gas financial projections and economic modelling services. The solution, “Upstream FinMod” is for upstream companies and acquirers. It is applied to both operated and non-operated interests, at both asset and corporate levels.

To discuss the application of AAB’s Upstream FinMod service further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.