Avoid the Indirect tax pitfalls of international trade with specialist training from AAB

BLOG18th Apr 2017

Even before the implications of Brexit are known, cross-border trade can throw up significant indirect tax issues for businesses.  If not planned for correctly VAT and customs duty considerations can have an impact on the supply chain which can affect your profitability.

AAB’s specialist course in “Indirect Tax Considerations for International Tax” is positioned to support businesses to prepare, plan and save costs through the efficient management of indirect tax considerations in their overseas projects and businesses.

The course is designed for finance professionals as well as logistic personnel who are involved with supply chains with international dimensions.

The course will cover:

  • Principles of EU VAT
  • Key factors in relation to the place of supply rules for goods and services
  • Import and export procedures, including VAT and duty reliefs
  • Current reporting requirements

Whilst we can’t prejudge what any Brexit deal will bring; we will, throughout the course, highlight the areas where withdrawal from the Single Market and the loss of EU VAT simplifications will have the greatest impact.

The course will provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the VAT obligations for EU transactions, along with VAT and customs duty implications for trade with third countries.  Using practical examples, the course will highlight the key areas of risk for businesses as well as those areas currently attracting the most HMRC attention.

AAB’s “Indirect Tax Considerations for International Tax” will be held on Tuesday 23 May 2017 at our flagship offices at Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells. For more information on this specialist training course and how to book a place, contact us here.

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