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Jack Pirie shares what lead him to join AAB and choose a career in Employee benefits and reflects on how his role has evolved since starting as a trainee three years ago.

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Blog13th Aug 2021

Although I knew I wanted to work in the finance industry, I wasn’t exactly sure what area was right for me. Then, at a careers fair in sixth year, I got speaking to the team visiting from AAB. It was eye opening to see just how many services the firm offered, and to who; from tax advice to individuals to global payroll services to multi-national companies.

I spoke to friends and family to find out more about AAB. A few of my friends had actually completed their university placement year at AAB, and they could only speak highly of the business. I quickly realised that this was where I wanted to work as it seemed a good balance of hard work, career development and fun team activities. I applied for a trainee role in the Employee Benefits department and was thankfully offered the job!

AAB’s Aberdeen office is a pretty large building, so going in on my first day was fairly daunting. However obviously everyone was really friendly, patient and supportive, and the first few weeks flew past as I got settled into my new role and spent time with my new colleagues.

In the early days my job centred around admin work, such as uploading pension payments for small businesses. This gave me a good understanding of how the Corporate Benefits team helped their clients. Fast forward three years and I’ve gone from this to having my own clients, managing their pension schemes and renewing their employee benefit policies such as Group Life Assurance, Income Protection, Private Medical Insurance and many more. Becoming more and more ‘client-facing’, discussing with them what is best needed for their business and employees.

In the Employee Benefits team we work very closely, from the most senior member of the team to the most junior. I really think this close working relationship with others in my team has allowed for strong development, thorough understanding and confidence to ask questions and get involved in a variety of tasks.

I’m exposed to so many inner-workings of the department and what new tasks need to be completed for a client, meaning there are new challenges and opportunities each day. This has been ideal since we moved to working from home during the pandemic as the team and I have been kept very busy!

Looking ahead, as we are able to take advantage of our hybrid working policy, I’m looking forward to spending more time in the office again to actually see the team and clients in person! Looking to the future in terms of my career development, I’m hoping to sit my financial services exams with the final goal of becoming an independent financial advisor. I’m really happy with the way my career has moved forward in the last 3 years and I look forward to seeing what the next 3 years hold.

By Jack Pirie, Employee Benefits

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