Tax Planning

It is important to recognise that your tax affairs don’t stop at completing a Self-Assessment Tax Return. Tax planning impacts all areas of your financial affairs from managing the tax exposure on the sale of an asset to planning how you would like your estate to pass down through the generations. Our specialist team cover all aspects of tax planning, including:

Income Tax

This includes advising on tax efficient investments such as EIS, SEIS and VCTs, utilising available reliefs for you personally and your family and advising on the availability of relief on pension contributions whilst managing the various limits that are in force.

Capital Gains Tax

From selling your business to disposing of shares, planning for and seeking ways to reduce Capital Gains Tax is essential if you are intending to dispose of assets. Many people are unaware that even simply gifting an asset can trigger a liability to Capital Gains Tax. We can advise on a range of reliefs including Entrepreneurs’ Relief as well as managing the timing of disposals to ensure any transaction is as tax efficient as possible.

Inheritance Tax

Planning for the passing of wealth to the next generation is important to manage the balance between your desire to maintain your standard of living whilst providing for future generations. We can help by quantifying your current exposure to Inheritance Tax, providing guidance on IHT mitigation strategies including Family Trusts together with considering the interaction of IHT with other taxes.