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Management Accounting. Financial Reporting. Budgeting. Forecasting. 


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Sean Belliveau is a Manager in our Virtual Finance Function (VFF) team. Whilst based in our Aberdeen office, location is no barrier to Sean’s service provision. The nature of the virtual finance function means that Sean’s clients can be based anywhere, and he and the VFF team provide them with the finance support they require.  

Sean’s particular areas of expertise fall within assisting with monthly accounting, provision of monthly reporting, budgeting and forecasting.  


“The variety of work that comes with my role, and the diversity of clients I work with truly does make every day different which makes it so enjoyable. Providing clients with a useful service is satisfying, being able to genuinely help and have this be acknowledged is always a benefit too! We always strive to collaborate with our clients to find the best solution for their challenges by being proactive, accurate and delivering a valuable service.”  


“One way I strive to be a proactive business advisor is challenging the ‘norm’ or ‘the way it’s always been done’ and I think this is really important. When a process has gone unchanged for a long period, it is at least worth asking why. Perhaps a new approach is needed, perhaps not. My approach tends to always be to at least ask the question, and it comes place of wanting to help everyone involved. In my experience, discussing the status quo and illustrating problems goes a long way to secure ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders. Once everyone is on the same page, that a better solution is possible, a collaborative effort can take place.

Driving efficiency is a real motivator for me and I look for ways to optimise processes, whether this is via an automation solution or logical process changes. A lot of this approach can be based on the use of tech and, in my opinion when we are making good use of our tech solutions, it should not seem at all that we are becoming disconnected from our clients, rather the opposite. A lot of tech solutions allow us to have better communication with our clients and have more streamlined communication with them regardless of where (or when) they may be. I think this adds to our service delivery.”  


“With a background in audit, and further experience in a global financial services firm, I believe I have a strong grounding in accountancy and reporting for a variety of global clients under various financial reporting frameworks. I have a strength in data analysis and deriving meaningful reporting from raw data.

Having visibility of and being close to the data that is driving real world business decisions is a privilege. Seeing, and potentially taking part in advising, how this data manifests into strategic decisions is very exciting and engaging!” 

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