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“we practise GLOBAL TEAMWORK.”

Sarah Aves is a manger in our payroll and employment taxes team. Sarah works closely with clients who have global payroll requirements. She manages the ongoing delivery of their services whilst also managing our global payroll team internally.  

Sarah is based in our London office but works with our teams across the UK to deliver solutions to our payroll clients. She also works closely with our international network to help support clients with their international payroll requirements around the globe.  


“As part of delivering an awesome service to our clients, I strive to develop an open and honest relationship which is built on strong communication and trust. Clients (quite rightly) expect regular contact, approachability, great service delivery and being able to send a request and get a response in a timely manner. If we have developed a great relationship and trust each other this makes overcoming challenges and addressing opportunities much more effective and ensures we can deliver true value to our clients.”  


“Technology is great and can be used to enhance and streamline processes which enables our teams to deliver the level of service that our clients expect from us. We combine this approach with a personal service, delivered by a team who are genuinely working to deliver the best results for our clients.

We have a highly experience payroll team at AAB. I have worked in payroll for well over a decade, gaining a wealth of knowledge in not only payroll but process improvement and team management too. My passion for client satisfaction and accuracy drives me to implement new procedures to ensure we deliver an excellent service every time.”


“We genuinely get excited about great service delivery and knowing that you are making a difference to the business.

I work with different members of our team on a regular basis, and this enables us to share knowledge and collaborate with people who have different skillsets. This gives us a rich variety of knowledge, experience, and expertise to implement in our client service delivery. It also benefits us as individuals by getting the opportunity to develop and further our own skillsets and it is rewarding when this is combined with recognition from clients, peers and the leadership team.”  


“Some recent feedback that I received from a client was that I had made their jobs so much easier by taking away the stress of global payroll. It is really rewarding knowing that clients can rely on me and the team to deliver an excellent service with very little involvement from them, they can get on with running their business.

I think there is a misconception that payroll is simply the process of “pushing a button” and it is not until you get into the detail that the true complexities of delivering a timely, accurate and efficient payroll service is appreciated. On a global scale, you can add changing legislation across multiple countries and working in multiple time zones to that complexities list.  

Running a payroll which overcomes these challenges and delivers not only what our clients need, but what they want is what motivates me every single day.”