International & Corporate Tax Senior Manager



Large Corporates. International Companies. UK Inbound and Outbound Clients. 


International Tax Advisory. UK and Overseas Corporate Tax Returns. UK Compliance. Group Tax Matters. Transfer Pricing.  


Oil & Gas. Renewables. 


Ruth MacNamee is a Senior Manager within our International and Corporate tax team. Based in Aberdeen, her role is two-fold. Firstly, she deals with corporate tax returns and filing for a portfolio of compliance clients. Secondly, she advises clients that are going to work overseas or international companies coming to the UK.  

That means Ruth spends a lot of time talking to affiliate advisers around the world, while working closely with colleagues to deal with issues concerning VAT, customs and employment taxes. For her, the most important thing is being able to forge strong client relationships – she says it’s that human side of things that can’t be underestimated. 


“I think people imagine that I sit and crunch numbers all day, or stare at spreadsheets. But that’s so far removed from the truth. This is a dynamic environment to work in. Different businesses, different cultures, different values. And what I do is so varied, I could never be bored.  

Tax is so diverse. We’ve all got specialist areas because no one person could do all tax – it’s just too complicated. I think there’s still a stereotypical mindset about accountancy or tax advisers. We’re not all men in grey suits with no personality. And if you don’t believe that, you obviously haven’t been on one of our nights out!” 


“I think one of the things my clients like, is having one point of contact. I can help them with any process. Or if I don’t know the answer, reach out to somebody within the business who will. It takes the pain away. They don’t have to speak to 10 different people, they can just come to me. I also think they like the fact I tailor what I do specifically to them. It’s very easy to give advice that’s general for each country, but mine is spot on for each business and what they’re trying to achieve. That saves my clients time and often saves them money too.” 


“I love being able to offer expert advice that brings my clients peace of mind. Often they’re tendering for high value contracts, and I can assist with helping them understanding the resultant  tax implications. If I can tell them up front that it’s going to cost them money working in a certain country, they can build that into their tender price. That means they can enter into a contract without any unexpected surprises at the end.  

Building relationships is just as satisfying. I’ve been at the firm for over a decade and have worked with some clients from day one. That helps you develop trust, a natural rapport. You have that business link, but there’s a real personal connection there too.”  


“It’s so exciting being a part of this company and seeing it grow. Every time we merge with a company or acquire a new one, that gives me access to more clients, the chance to deal with different issues and work in locations that I might not have done before. It all helps to establish me as a tax expert. It’s also brilliant seeing all the graduates coming through and being able to get involved with their training and progression. I’m really proud to work for this firm and can’t wait to see what the future will bring.” 

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