Payroll Assistant Manager


Who I help

A variety of clients across different sectors.

How I help

Provide payroll services, support, and advice.

Sectors/ services

Global Employment Taxes and Corporate Benefits team.

“Creating working environments that are not only efficient but also hugely supportive.”

Rosie Tickner is a Payroll Assistant Manager working from home. Rosie specialises in providing payroll services for her clients while also offering consistent support and assistance.

One part of her role that she loves is how different each day is. Working in such a large and varied team helping businesses in the UK and internationally helps Rosie to develop her knowledge and experience.

Reliable service

“In payroll we work closely with client’s month after month or even week after week. We work so closely with clients it’s important that they know we will always deliver a reliable service. That means delivering work on time working to the deadlines that we’ve set with the client and always trying to go above and beyond. “

Extension of the business

“It’s important that we create strong relationships with the employees of our clients as much as the clients themselves. Payroll is an extremely emotive area and with that we always need to bear in mind the real individuals payroll successes but also errors can affect. When a client outsources payroll is not for it to be a separate entity. They want us to be an extension of their business they want us to know their business inside out, so we are best placed to continuously deliver the amazing service they expect from us.”

Thrive on developing people

“I love problem solving. There’s no better feeling than a client coming to you with a problem and you being able to use your skills and expertise to solve the problem and come up with a solution. My background has mostly been in people management, so I really thrive on helping to develop people and creating working environments that are not only efficient but also hugely supportive”.

The wheel doesn’t need reinvented

“I am never afraid to question an approach or process, to me, there’s nothing worse than the advice to ‘just look at what they did before’ sometimes the wheel most certainly does not need reinvented but sometimes asking a simple question challenging the why of it all can uncover a new way of working that either changes a clients or employees experience for the better.”

Adding value

“I believe for payroll the key is balancing both technology and a hands-on approach. We add huge value to our client’s experience by utilising technology to make the process the most efficient and accurate it can be. However, without our individual specialisms and expertise we wouldn’t be able to add that amazing, personalised element to our service.”

Getting the best out of the culture

“The importance AAB places on its people is amazing. We are always looking to add just as much value to each other’s day as we do for our clients. Something I personally place huge importance on is making sure everyone feels valued that they are getting the best out of the culture at AAB and that they feel supported and empowered to do their best work. However, I can help I will try.”

No buttons to push

“I think every payroll professional has had this question before- don’t you just push a button’? We wish it was that simple!”