Company Directors. Business Owners. Individuals. Creditors.


No obligation consultations, at a place where the client feels most comfortable. I am able to throw myself in to any assignment from start to finish, taking the pressure off the client and providing all of the assistance they require to enable them to experience a fresh start.


Hospitality. Property. Agriculture. Renewable Energy and so many more over the years.


Rob Hardie is a Restructuring & Recovery Manager based in our Edinburgh office. As a trusted advisor, Rob has assisted company directors, business owners and individuals alike throughout the UK with expert insolvency advice for 20 years. Rob has experience in every aspect of company and personal insolvency solutions, across all UK jurisdictions. Rob provides not only insolvency advice but also solvent solutions to business owners to allow a tax efficient hive down of a business.

An ideal client relationship

“In an ideal client relationship there should be regular, transparent and clear communication regarding the objective, with systematic supply of accurate information throughout to ensure the desired outcome is met.

Business plans don’t always go to plan. When someone finds themselves in financial turmoil, initially they need a sounding board from a trusted advisor to share the journey to that point to reflect on what went wrong, and to be provided with a variety of tailored options available to them to make an informed decision on best foot forward.”

A market disruptor

“The intelligent growth strategy deployed by AAB means that we now possess some of the most experienced, highly respected people. Not only with our own Restructuring and Recovery sector, but firm-wide. With French Duncan joining forces with AAB, this will make us one of the most dynamic firms in the marketplace.

For our up-and-coming colleagues within the learning phase, to be surrounded by such high-quality colleagues, this provides significant development opportunities by learning from the best in the business.”

Leading with passion

“One of the greatest strengths that I bring to the table is that I lead by example. I can manage large teams across multiple locations but I’m also a “do-er” and can carry out the work alongside my colleagues. I aspire to be a supportive mentor and a teacher of junior members of the team.
In addition, I have a network and contribute new business to the firm and am a keen business developer.”

Making a positive difference

“It’s rewarding to witness the transformation of a business owner, or individual. To see it go from one of stress, shame, defeat, to one of hope, ambition and happiness.

I often get told when initially meeting a client that, due to the poor financial situation they find themselves in, they are mentally dejected and unable to enjoy life. But when we check in with the client 6 months after the insolvent solution we oversee, we regularly see the complete 180 in their mood, returning them to one of happiness, hope and ambition. It is rewarding to try and achieve the same outcome for all future clients experiencing the same feelings.

Often, insolvency practitioners are made out to be uncompassionate and only in it for their own interests. In actual fact, the vast majority of our clients are referred to us off the back of great service by former clients and their mutual advisors, and being highly respected in our profession, so we thrive on our reputation. Personally, providing the highest level of service and advice with compassion for all stakeholders, from creditors to directors or individuals, and executing the assignment to the best of my ability, as fairly as possible, is paramount to the work we do.”

The greatest challenge

“As a profession, we operate in almost every industry in the marketplace. Maintaining professional relationships and connections with other experts in their field, allows us to immediately instruct the most suitable and trusted person the situation requires. Such as a lawyer, estate agent or security agent. Therefore allowing us to effectively manage the situation as a whole, including those out with our key area of expertise.”

Collaboration is the way forward

“Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.” This is something I firmly believe in when it comes to my approach to work. With both French Duncan and AAB having already seen so much individual success joining forces, with our shared collaborative values, and with our expanded team of experts coming together, the future is bright for all both AAB Group and our clients.”

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