Senior International ESG Specialist


Rachel Post, International ESG Specialist

Who I help

We work with clients in all industries. Climate change will affect every business, regardless of industry, size, or location.


Sustainability and ESG advice. Materiality assessments. ESG strategy development. Sustainability reports.




Rachel Post is a Senior Sustainability Consultant based in our Edinburgh office. Rachel provides sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) advice to our clients. Within our ESG service offering, we can provide landscape reviews, materiality assessments, which help companies identify key business risks and opportunities according to their stakeholders, ESG strategy development, assistance with setting impact-driven ESG Key Performance Indicators, and sustainability reports.

The sustainability journey

“Businesses that aren’t ambitious about changing how they operate are unlikely to survive the green transition. This is an unfortunate truth, and I don’t want our clients to fall into that category. That’s why we work with clients to ensure they’re prepared for the changes ahead. The transition to sustainability is a bit like a marathon – it’s long, and there will be ups and downs. But you can accomplish amazing things.

It’s important for us to be a true partner in a company’s sustainability journey. My relationships with clients are based on trust, honesty, ambition, and a bit of vulnerability. When I work with clients, I share their vision, hopes, and fears, and I take that responsibility very seriously. I must be honest about the challenges that lie ahead – otherwise clients’ businesses and livelihoods are at risk. If you’re not forthright about your concerns or about what isn’t going well, we can’t work together to find a solution. We must share an ambition to maintain a healthy business. In a world of de-growth, businesses may need to aim for circularity and sustainability instead. Despite all these challenges, I’m excited by the opportunity to leverage human ingenuity and transform businesses and industries for long-term success.”

Strengthening the connections

“I’m passionate about helping people feel more connected to the earth and to their wider communities. At AAB, I love working with people who are creative, curious, deeply caring, practical, and funny. The team works hard, plays hard, and wants to make their clients’ lives better.”

Enriching people’s lives through technology

“Technology is critical for powering our green transition. Every business needs to begin gathering key ESG data and use it to improve stakeholder relationships, restore nature, and design nature-based innovations. That said, technology should enrich our lives, not define it. If you’re healthier and happier getting away from a screen, then do so!”

Not without a challenge

“Some people still don’t think climate change is real. Or that climate change won’t deeply affect their day to day lives. It will – it already is – and it will get worse.

We’ve all learned since 2020 that it’s possible to rapidly change how we live. We must simply have the willpower to act. Many of the technological solutions we need to address climate change are already in existence. We must consume less, waste less, and look to our past for more circular business models. It’s all doable – if you believe you can achieve it. And I do.”

The green transition

“The AAB Group can be part of the green transition, the biggest technological change since the industrial revolution, and it’s incredibly exciting. There’s lots of data that shows the more you invest in ESG, the better your company is for the earth, the happier your stakeholders are, and the more profitable you are. It’s quite simply a better way to operate. And I’m so excited to help people discover this fact and empower them on this journey.”

Active members of the community

“Community engagement is hugely important to me, and this was instilled early by my parents. That’s why I served in the US Peace Corps and worked in non-profit philanthropy for years. And now, as an immigrant to the UK, I know the value of community at an even deeper level.”