Business Advisory Senior Manager



Wide range of businesses including owner managed business, family business, SME’s, charities, football clubs and more.


Annual financial statements, corporation tax returns, VAT returns, bookkeeping services, management accounts, cloud-based accounting support, and SME advisory service.


All sectors from technology, business services, construction & hospitality, food & drink, industrial to, not-for-profit organisations.


Phil Campbell is a Senior Manager of Business Advisory Group based in our Edinburgh office. Phil’s main role is to oversee the Edinburgh Business Advisory team that carries out our account’s preparation work and other compliance and advisory services.

Phil is responsible for looking after our Edinburgh client portfolio as well as a handful of Stirling clients. With his extensive experience, Phil supports and advises a large portfolio of clients, providing them with statutory accounts, management accounts as well as support and training on cloud accounting systems such as Xero.

In addition to Phil’s operational and administrative duties, Phil is also regularly out meeting potential new clients and growing relationships with existing contacts with the intention to grow our client base and increase our presence not just in the city but in the central belt.

Importance of trust

“An ideal client relationship would be one where you have a strong bond not just professionally but on a small personal level as well. I think these relationships work much better when clients see you as another human, just like them, one that you can share experiences with. I feel it makes all interactions, good or bad, with the client that much easier.

First and foremost, clients expect a quality service from us, but I also think they need to feel loved, as we all do. Clients need someone they can trust and be able to rely on, someone who will not only bend over backwards to meet deadlines but someone with sound technical knowledge that will offer the right advice for the client’s particular business needs and ambitions.”

Ambitious & Committed

“In terms of the strengths I bring to AAB, I am extremely ambitious, highly determined and fully committed. I am a leader of a team and try to lead by example, but I am also extremely compassionate, and I look after my team as if they were my children.

I take pride in my ability to form strong relationships with clients. I’m great with clients and colleagues – my clients (for the most part) adore me.”

Happy clients

“Working with clients gives me great satisfaction, you have visibility over how different clients run their businesses and see areas that you can help and identify issues or efficiencies. The most satisfying aspect is when you know that they are happy! This can come at any time whether you speak to clients on the phone or after a meeting you can always tell how they feel about you and when you get the sense that they are happy, that’s when you know that you have done a good job.”

The ’cleaner’

“I like to get out and about to meet my contacts and do networking to bring in new clients to the firm. I was tasked with growing my Edinburgh department and our market share and this went well. That’s the type of challenge I strive to put myself forward for. I’m a ‘cleaner’ – I like to take a ‘messy’ or challenging job and make the right changes, improve it, and sit back and enjoy the results. I find satisfaction in that, and it gives me a great sense of achievement.”

More than just number crunchers

“People outside of the profession often perceive accountants as boring spreadsheet lovers that only know how to prepare accounts. I believe we offer so much more than that, as an individual and a firm we can provide so much more across all of our exciting service lines, we can advise them on ways to save tax, help them secure funding for business expansion, help them with HR or health & safety services we can even act as their whole finance function where appropriate. The reality is we do a lot more than what people think, and I firmly believe us boring old accountants are massively vital and exhilarating cogs in the business world.”

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