Anyone who needs an audit and/ or general business advice.


Audit and Assurance.


Owner managed businesses. Private equity back businesses. Not for Profits. Pension schemes. Transport and Logistics. Construction. Energy.


Peter Wilkinson is an Audit Manager in our Aberdeen office, having joined AAB in 2021. Peter has significant experience in delivering quality service to his clients across several business sectors. Working with clients that range from local owner managed businesses to international groups, Peter prides himself on using his knowledge to deliver his clients a quality, personalised service which saves them time and provides them with peace of mind.

He does this by understanding clients’ needs, and building a relaxed relationship where there is a high degree of trust on both sides, and both parties can speak honestly and openly with each other about needs and objectives.


It’s nice when clients are appreciative of the work we do, both as individuals and as a team. It’s a great feeling when we are working seamlessly as a team. We trust each other. We’re open. We’re honest with each other. We know we can ask each other for help, and when we learn together, it means we’re all developing together, which is the perfect team culture.


I’ll always try to help people and stand up for people, taking action for what I feel is right and will benefit the most people. I really value honesty and integrity, so I’ll always try and be honest with people. This isn’t always easy, particularly when it’s something they may not want to hear, but it’s important to me that I embody the values I hold. It might not be the easy option, but it’s the best thing for everybody in the long run.


I think tech is great – it allows the gathering of complete data sources and so much of the information you need, as well as being a key tool enabling the processing of this information to be efficient and effective.

Going hand in hand with technology is, of course, human communication – which is still extremely important. Most of the time, technology is invaluable when it comes to extracting and processing quantitative data, but without speaking to clients and colleagues, you end up missing the qualitative element, which is key in getting the full picture. Being able to see that full, accurate picture is a huge part of my job, so to me, both sides of the coin are incredibly important.

In speaking to each other, you get to ask questions you may not necessarily get the answers to in the data. For example, if you ask someone if they’ve experienced any issues with laws and regulations regarding their business, they might mention something in passing that they wouldn’t write down or record officially, but is actually very important. So, for me, it just helps get a more complete understanding of the client and their needs.”

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