Global Employment Taxes Senior Manager


Who I help

Corporate and individual clients alike

How I help

Utilise technical knowledge to provide my clients with clear and concise advice that will support them in their respective journeys.

Sectors/ Support

All Sectors


“I’m always looking for ways to further improve how things are done.”

Patrick Maund is a senior manager within our Global Employment Tax team. Based in our London office Patrick supports clients in ensuring tax and social security compliance at employee and employer levels is achieved from both domestic and international perspectives. Patrick also supports clients to scale in existing and new territories, create and implement policy and plan/structure employee mobility.

His areas of specialism include Global Mobility Consulting, Expatriate Taxes & Policy, International & Domestic Payroll, Social Security, Reward, Global Compensation and Benefit Compliance, Short Term Business Visitors, Assignment Costing and Structuring, Tax Planning for Individual clients.

Help and support

“I want to help and support my clients wherever I can, with care, trust and honesty underpinning everything I do. I strive to create lasting, genuine relationships where clients understand and trust that their business, interests and needs are at the heart of the advice and support that they receive.

Unforeseen and unplanned for situations can arise and although often stressful and difficult to navigate, something I have prided myself on is making sure that help and support is always available, with the aim being one of sharing the load and working together to resolve the matter on hand.”

Adding value

“I love being able to look back and see where we’ve added value and really made a difference for our clients. For me, it’s always been about the client experience and relish every opportunity to be perceived as going ‘above and beyond’, even though for me, that should be the norm.”

Help from technology

“Technology is at the heart of everything we do and enables us to help our clients to save time, effort and money via streamlining processes and automating support. It also allows us to provide clients with data driven insights into how their business is performing and where potential risk areas exist. While technology offers us so much, I am a strong believer that it should serve to compliment and not replace the human aspects of our service to clients, as those interactions, experiences shared and relationships built in turn are for me, the best part of my role.”

Changed working landscape

“A lot of challenges with regards to employment and mobility stem from the ever-changing world that we find ourselves in. Covid-19 had a massive impact on the working landscape, changing how we do business, the way in which we use technology and importantly gave rise to opportunities for individuals to not only work more flexibly but in some cases internationally. Although exciting, these developments create complexities and challenges as authorities are often left behind because of the speed in which everything changes, resulting in changes to legislation and policy often not yet in a place to support and underpin new working arrangements.”

Exciting future

“We continue to invest heavily in our clients, teams, and technology and I am really excited to be part of the journey. One of the things that attracted me to AAB was the firm’s vision for growth, with a clear focus on how we can broaden and enhance the support we provide to our clients, whilst also focussing on how we enhance the experiences of our people and support in their development.”

Nothing is more important than our people

“Linked to the above, I am a firm believer that if you look after your people, they’ll take care of the rest. Our people are our most valuable asset and as a firm we strive to create a culture where people are empowered and supported every step of the way. I’ve never lost sight of those who have supported me along my journey and in turn, helped me to where I am today. In turn, I strive to provide the same level of support to colleagues, whether it’s an ear to listen to concerns or providing an opportunity to someone to grow and develop in a way they never thought possible.”


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