Head of Business Advisory Group & Partner



Owner-Managed SME Limited Companies. Groups. Family Businesses. Start-ups.


Commercial And Strategic Advisory Services. Statutory Accounting. Taxation. Management Accounts. Process Improvement. Digital Accounting Solutions.


Construction. Hospitality & Leisure. Manufacturing. Technology. Professional Services.


Neil Robb is the Head of Business Advisory Group and Partner based in our Glasgow office.

Leading the Business Advisory Group across the UK and Ireland, Neil has a real passion for supporting the leadership, development and integration of the team in all locations, driving growth and excellence within our service offering and cultivating an enjoyable culture.

Neil also has responsibility for a varied portfolio of SME clients and ensures we deliver for them across all areas of the business and provides them with practical and strategic advice built on established knowledge of their business and their sector. Neil specialises in advising SME and owner-managed businesses through each stage of their evolution, recognising that the objectives of the business are closely tied to those of the entrepreneurs at the heart of those businesses and that the advice we provide should tailored, with the business and personal objectives considered throughout.


“An ideal client relationship would be one where we have been able to demonstrate our best qualities, have built trust between both parties, and can be sustained over time. All relationships will encounter obstacles and it is often in how we respond and handle these that long-term trust and mutual respect are created on each side. Clients can always expect me to be responsive and communicate in straightforward terms, treat them with respect, work hard to deliver for them, and provide the best, tailored advice.

It is my firm belief that our team should become an extension of our clients’ teams, demonstrating that we are invested in helping them and will strive to exceed expectations. This approach creates opportunities for both clients and our team members, and ultimately makes our roles more rewarding.”


“One of the most satisfying aspects of my role is seeing our clients and their businesses benefit from the support and advice we provide, whether that is through improved profitability, cash generation, tax efficiency, or by making the accounting process smooth for them. My priority has always been to provide a high-quality service to my clients, and to really make a difference.

At AAB, people are at the centre of everything we do. My approach has always been to create an enjoyable culture for our team and ensure they enjoy coming to work, feeling that they have the resources, guidance, and freedom to carry out their work. I love seeing team members at all levels grow in confidence, develop their skills, and build relationships with each other and their clients. This culture within our business translates positively into the approach we take with our clients.”


“One of the greatest challenges of my role is also one of the aspects I enjoy the most – no two days are ever the same. It is something I look forward to and means I am kept on my toes, ready for the next challenge.

With AAB on a major growth journey, I am excited for the opportunity to combine the knowledge, experience, and technology of the firms which AAB has brought together, to reach a wider network and lead the way in the accountancy sector.”


“Relationships are formed with people when you spend time with each other, listen, and support. Technology has helped us enhance this, provide alternatives to meeting face-to-face and widen our reach to clients who are not physically close to our locations. We can all benefit from the advances in technology and as part of a tech-enabled group, I see this as complementary to the invaluable time spent in person with our clients.”


“There is often a perception that accountants are risk-averse number-crunchers. Good accountants are practical, commercial thinkers who apply their experience and knowledge to help their clients navigate their challenges and progress toward their goals, utilising the best digital solutions to obtain the financial information required to make informed decisions.”

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