Large Corporates. International Groups. Joint Ventures. Owner Managed Businesses. Family Businesses.  


International Advisory. Corporate Taxes. Specialist Taxation on Corporate Finance Transactions. VAT & Duty. Business Development. 


Energy. Shipping & Transport. Food & Drink. 


Neil Dinnes is Head of Corporate and International Tax, our International Liaison Partner and the partner responsible for our business development. He works across the Energy, Food & Drink, Shipping and Transport sectors. 

This makes him a lynchpin in driving domestic and international growth, both for our clients and our firm. He thrives on the variety that these roles bring and derives great satisfaction from using his international experience and business skills to help our teams deliver wider, global support.  


“We pride ourselves on getting to know people in the jurisdictions where our clients operate. So, if we take Houston as an example, we’ve established good contacts and relationships with law firms, wealth management firms and accountancy firms there.  

As AAB’s international liaison partner, wherever possible I’ll get on a plane and go where our clients are, to provide better, more personal support. It shows we quite literally go the extra mile.” 


“I’m also responsible for business development, so I’m heavily involved in marketing, sales pitches, making new contacts, in fact anything that involves creating opportunities and growing income. 

I head up the corporate and international team and in that area, we’ve still got a lot of family businesses. I’ve got the experience and the knowledge of working with the different generations in terms of succession planning. That could involve me introducing wealth planners, whether it be our own and in the UK, or wealth planners internationally, where some of the families moved abroad. Maintaining client relationships is key, whether that’s delivering the work or socially.” 


“Other aspects of my roles include my leadership responsibilities, such as people development coaching and supporting new candidates. Tax is constantly moving and challenging. Our team is split into specialisms. So we’ve got the right people who are on top of their areas of excellence. Tech plays a part because we’ve got access to great software and knowledge at the press of a button, but the biggest factor is the quality and breadth of our team; having the right calibre of people.

We are good at demonstrating our experience and confidence, so in turn clients have confidence in us. They are paying for our opinions, our gut feeling; simply giving them information doesn’t necessarily help them make decisions. I’m known for being assertive and telling it like it is; those are values that clients appreciate and respect.” 


“Resilience is essential. People will say no to you, people who you’ve invested time in will leave. So you need to be resilient and celebrate success. I believe I’m resilient, I have the stamina to keep going and I still have the ambition that underpins everything I do.

From a personal viewpoint, what excites me about the future is that I don’t necessarily know exactly what it holds. Ultimately, it’s about making my current position redundant and moving on to other areas. I don’t ever see my role stagnating.” 

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