Business Advisory Consulting Partner



Public and private sector clients with compliance related matters such as audit, statutory financial reporting and tax, as well as strategic advisory work which includes strategic planning and fundraising for growth clients; Brexit Ready business assessment and solutions for cross-border clients; advising on corporate transactions, valuations, financial modelling and reporting for merger and acquisition clients; and assessing public sector grant applications, preparing business cases, economic appraisals and evaluations for everyone else.


By bringing clarity of thought to a situation, solving a problem, and delivering the most results-focused solution. In understanding clients circumstances and points of view, I can bring fresh and innovative solutions forward.


Michelle is Partner in our Business Advisory Consulting team; her time is divided between varying responsibilities that support the growth of businesses in the private sector and working with local government and Economic Development Agencies in the public sector in managing public funds and delivering regeneration and economic development projects.

Working mainly between our Newry and Belfast offices, with over 28 years’ experience in the game, she isn’t a stranger to being the first point of contact for clients!


“The range of services that we can offer as part of AAB Group are beyond anything I’ve seen before. We’ll have everything clients need in one space, from growth strategies, funding solutions, day-to-day outsourced support and much more. The type of work I do brings constant challenges. The collapse of public sector funding unlocks a new level of questions, How can we access financial support for our clients? What is the most efficient use of restricted public funds? In order to respond, we need to be agile and are constantly monitoring the industry and seeking out new opportunities. Our aim is to predict where and when the change is coming to ensure our business development plans are ahead of the game, focusing on where the opportunities are for the future.”


“I’ve always been in favour of meeting in-person with clients as I believe it allows us to better understand a business and highlight what we need to bring to the table. Relating well to individuals is something that is a personal strength of mine, I’ve always found it the best way to cement a relationship, however virtual has allowed us to bring a new level of agility to the way we work and has opened doors to opportunities across the island of Ireland and mainland UK. It means we can hold key meetings with clients in Tipperary the same day as with clients in Belfast. We’re equipped to complete both actions efficiently and keep projects moving – not to mention the positive environmental impact this has as we cut back on travel! Tech is an exciting element in our business, and I believe this is only the beginning of many movements that will allow us to work better together.”


“With over 28 years in the industry, I have built up a niche and valuable list of contacts that I liaise with regularly to the point where I’ve been told: “You’re speed dial on my phone, the number one woman I come to when I need to get stuff done!” Having relationships that are reliable and trustworthy are invaluable and I’m proud to say that’s something we’ve done exceptionally well over the years.”