Systems & Software Manager  



All clients. Payroll team. 


System integrations. Process improvements. 


All sectors. 


Martyn Clark is an Assistant Manager in the Systems and Software department at AAB. Martyn’s main role in the team is to help lead the integrations that we develop between our payroll systems, and client systems. This can involve creating multiple ways of us pulling a client’s data from their system, without the need for the client to be heavily involved in data extraction or populating spreadsheets.


“I believe that due to the nature of how we do things at AAB, I am more likely to think outside the box. This means asking why can’t we provide a software solution that solves multiple problems at once? Why can’t we find a better way of doing an existing process? I am a believer in making sure that we always look for the best, new way of doing things, rather than falling back on the status quo that may no longer be the best solution for a client.” 

mutually beneficial partnerships

“For me, an ideal relationship with a client is where both parties gain from a mutually beneficial partnership. Where there is a respect and work ethic on both sides to achieve a common goal, therefore leading to a longstanding relationship between the firm and the client. 

I believe clients expect a thorough, prompt service from me. One where not only I work towards the intended solution, in the required timeframe, but also provide advice and suggestions that help the client achieve even more out of working with AAB than originally expected.” 

solving problems

“A particularly satisfying aspect of working with clients is being able to solve problems, and see the marked improvement in their efficiencies, after a project is completed. Knowing that I’ve played a part in simply making something better for a client is always rewarding. 

Being able to work in a team of different characters means we can continually push each other to achieve more. Plus being able to pass on any experience I can to colleagues gives me a great sense of satisfaction that I can be of benefit to them.” 

regular discussion

“Due to my role in the team, I am more on the virtual side of things. Working on IT solutions for clients that require greater time spent developing the solution than anything else. Even though there is a greater push to be tech enabled at AAB, I do also additionally find it beneficial to be able to work closely with clients, regularly discussing what needs done and how we can help.” 

no two systems are the same

“One of the great challenges of providing systems and software solutions is being able to quickly learn, and understand, not only the different systems a client may have and how we can integrate with them, but how each client has configured that system to work. No two systems are completely the same, so getting an understanding of that quickly can be a challenge. To deal with that I am continually involving myself in different integration projects, using different systems, to ensure I am as knowledgeable as possible whenever something new comes up. Plus, I find the more systems I learn to work with, the easier it becomes to gain an understanding of something new, fast.” 

excited for the coming years

“I am excited to personally be able to play my part in the future services that the Systems and Software team will provide. When I compare what services we provided 10 years ago with what we do know, so much has changed. I have no doubt that trend will continue in the next 10 years and I will continue to be involved in more different, exciting projects that will be great to work on personally. 

In terms of AAB as a whole, I am excited to see what all we can achieve together in the coming years. With new service offerings and office locations across the country, the scale and capabilities of the whole AAB team are constantly increasing, and being able to see that growth first hand has been exciting for some time now, and will unquestionably continue to be in the future.” 

experience in multiple areas

“Having worked at AAB for a number of years now, I believe I have been able to gain experience in multiple areas within my profession, and to be able to quickly identify what needs done, and how we will do it.  

I find that clients and colleagues I work with know that my personality at work is based around staying level-headed, laid back, and getting the job done with no fuss and to a high standard. I am always willing to hear any request or suggestion, and to help work through what a solution would look like, and how that would benefit the client or individual.” 

approachable & eager

“Clients have said that I am always approachable and openly eager to listen and help when asked. That I am generous with my time and can be relied on when they are looking for something done quickly and efficiently.” 

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