High Net Worth Individuals. Owner-Managed Businesses. Partnerships. Globally Mobile Individuals. Individuals Moving to and from the UK/ROI.


Self-Assessment. Income tax. Capital Gains Tax. Inheritance Tax. Tax Planning. Business Succession. Restructuring. Efficient Remuneration. Property Disposals. Pension Annual Allowance / Pension Savings Charge.


Individuals from all sectors including business owners, farmers, solicitors/barristers, doctors and landlords.


Mark McCluskey is a Senior Tax Manager and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT). Based in our Ireland office, Mark looks after the tax compliance of High Net Worth Individuals, many of whom have cross-border issues between the UK and ROI.

Mark also works on tax advisory projects such as business succession or IHT planning. Although Mark primarily specialises in Personal Tax, he is also experienced in other areas of tax, including Corporation Tax.

Building relationships on Mutual trust

“My ideal relationship with a client is one built on mutual trust. Clients need to trust that I am the correct individual with the right expertise to look after their tax affairs. This ranges from annual tax compliance to being trusted to advise on more complex tax planning exercises which will hopefully benefit the next generation.

Personal tax issues can hit home harder than other types of taxes –no one enjoys receiving a letter addressed to them personally with the HMRC logo on the envelope. With this in mind, clients expect me to treat their personal tax issues as my own and to deal with any situation promptly and with certainty to give them peace of mind that their affairs are in order.”

The power of collaboration

“I work with brilliant clients who are some of the top in their field, so being trusted to look after a very important aspect of their life – their tax affairs – is very satisfying and humbling.

Most of my successful clients have not achieved their position alone and often credit their success to having a strong team around them. Collaborating with my colleagues, many of whom are experts in other areas of tax, enhances our service offering, allowing us to identify and avoid or solve potentially difficult issues for our clients.”

Embracing Technology

“The advancement of technology has resulted in many positives and efficiencies within the tax/accountancy field. However, whilst the delivery of service has most definitely been improved, there’s nothing like picking up the phone to have a chat or meeting a client in person. When my clients have urgent or complicated issues they wish to discuss, they know they can contact me directly at any time. It’s important to embrace technology but I also firmly believe that there will always be a place for a human touch.”

My greatest strength

“I believe one of my greatest strengths is my diligence. I take pride in being an honest, hardworking tax professional who strongly believes in the principle of fairness, particularly when it comes to tax. If a client has approached me seeking assistance with a tax return or a problem, I will do my upmost to ensure they do not pay a penny more in tax than they are required to.”

A lasting impact

“My client, a sole-trader found their first home, and to ensure their mortgage was accepted, they approached me to help complete their Self-Assessment tax return within a tight deadline. After completion, and unexpectedly, I received a Thank You card for my assistance in helping them secure their dream home with a touching message inside.

I still have the card beside my desk to this day and it’s a reminder that, whilst tax returns can be an inconvenient annual burden, what we do has a significant impact on a client’s everyday life.”


“Looking into the future, I’m excited to continue working in collaboration with colleagues and clients across the AAB group as I am learning so much from the experts surrounding me.

AAB is such a progressive, dynamic and forward-looking place to work, and I am thrilled to see how we continue to develop and grow, particularly within the island of Ireland.”