Virtual Finance Function Senior Manager



Large Corporates. Family Businesses. Owner Manager Businesses. 


Management Accounting. Financial Reporting. Budgeting and Forecasting. Processing.  


Energy (mainly Oil & Gas). 


Lucy Oddie is a Senior Manager within our Virtual Finance Function team. Working from our Aberdeen base, she provides an outsourced accounts function for a portfolio of small to mid-range companies, mostly from within the oil and gas sector.  

Lucy’s role means she acts at a financial controller level for businesses that don’t have their own accounts function. And that means she can assist in everything that needs to be taken care of, including processing, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and management accounts.


“If a company took me on in-house, I’m all they’d get for their money. But when they buy into our virtual finance function, they get so much more because they can tap into a broad pool of specialist knowledge and expertise. If the client needs help on tax or VAT related issues, we have people here who can help them with that too. It’s like they’ve got their very own finance team, who can offer them as little or as much support as they need – so they get great value for money. And ultimately, that is what they’re looking for.”  


“When I work with my clients, I want them to feel like I’m part of their team. And that doesn’t happen unless there’s good communication. It’s a two-way thing and it’s essential that we keep those lines of communication open. That way, we know what’s going on and what’s expected of us. I think it also helps that I’ve got specialist knowledge of the sectors I work in, so I understand the nuances. It’s a small thing, but it definitely makes life easier.  

When people think of accountants, I’m sure they imagine someone sitting alone in a room working with spreadsheets. Probably people who are good at maths… But for me, the essential thing is to be good with people. So, the more we can do to bust those old myths, the more we’ll be able to attract the right people into our profession.” 


“I think we’re probably bucking the trend in terms of practice at AAB. We’re very tech-enabled and especially in virtual finance, that has to be the case, but we also have the freedom to do everything a little bit differently. 

It certainly feels like a dynamic place to be – an exciting place to work. Because we’re constantly chasing and constantly changing so we can grow and improve. But even more than that, I feel like I’m looked after, and my work is valued. You don’t get that everywhere.” 


“I bring specialist knowledge of the oil and gas industry to my clients, along with diverse, hands-on experience. I always hope they’ll be happy with the service I provide. That’s why I was so happy when one of our clients scored the VFF team 9.5 out of 10. Which is testament to how great the team works together with each other, and the client.”