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Outsourced hotel accounting services.


We work with the General Managers and Financial Controllers in the hotels as well as the finance teams in the hotel management companies.


Lorna MacClare is an Operations Manager at AAB Hotel Accounting. Based in our Glasgow office, Lorna manages the Operations team that’s consists of 18 staff who deliver fully comprehensive Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation services to our hotel clients. Lorna has over 20 years’ experience working in Operations management, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our clients and the firm.

An extension of the client’s team

“My ideal relationship with a client would be one where we feel like an extension of the client’s team. I enjoy being able to work together collaboratively with them to achieve their goals.

Our clients look for our team to provide an excellent service that is value-adding and tailored to their needs and situation. Our clients also look for support, guidance and our knowledge on systems and processes.”

Achieving goals together

“I feel the most exciting aspect of my work is building strong relationships with clients. When we all work in collaboration and resolve difficult issues together as a team, we achieve the best results. Another aspect that I find rewarding is being able to support our clients achieve their goals and vision.

Often people think that accounts roles are boring. But from my experience this is far from the reality. In fact, it is quite the opposite – no two days are quite the same. We also get a great feeling of achievement helping the clients to resolve issues and achieve their goals.”

Importance of trust

“As a team, we respect and trust each other. In particularly in Management it’s crucial that you are able to trust and support your team to ensure we deliver an exceptional service for clients. It’s a team effort where we each work hard to achieve common goals and deliver an outstanding service to our clients. We also need to work well across the wider department. I firmly believe collaboration makes us stronger and capable of solving even the difficult problems.”

My strengths

“I’d say greatest qualities are that I am dedicated, focused and driven in my role. I’m passionate about making a positive impact. To achieve this, I strive to always go above and beyond, ensuring my team deliver excellent results for clients. In addition to these strengths, I bring my wide knowledge and experience as well as strong work ethic to the table.”

Streamlining & Automating

“Technology advancements are shaping the future of the hotels industry. And it looks to be a bright one. As a tech-enabled department we are continuously looking to explore exciting opportunities to streamlining and automating processes. We also explore new systems that will help reduce time spent on tasks and provide an enhanced service offering to our clients.”

The greatest challenge

“One of our biggest challenges is obtaining information from our clients in a timely manner to ensure we are on track to meet the deadlines. One of the ways we confront this obstacle is to provide our clients with monthly timetables as well as assisting and supporting them in any way we can to deliver the results we want with certainty and confidence.”

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