Owner-Managed Businesses. Large Corporates.


Corporate Tax Compliance. Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits.


Food, Drink and Hospitality. Technology. Construction and Property. Engineering. Manufacturing.


Lisa Scott is a Manager and a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor within the Corporate Tax team. Based in our Glasgow office, Lisa specialises in corporate tax compliance, managing the compliance process for a broad range of clients including small to medium size companies, large companies and groups across a wide range of sectors. She also provides advice in relation to Research and Development tax credits. Through tax credit claims, Lisa helps clients save tax and access funds from HMRC which can be vital in the development process.

Passionate about building relationships

“I strive to build collaborative client relationships where we have good rapport and trust. I want my clients to be comfortable picking up the phone to me to discuss any queries or future plans. Building this rapport enables me to provide proactive and practical advice to achieve the best possible outcome.

I care about my client’s business and want to reaching good outcomes for them. I ensure that all possible tax reliefs are being claimed in order to reduce their tax liabilities as far as possible and that I’m providing proactive advice which will assist in making decisions that are both commercial and tax efficient.”

Making a positive impact

“The most satisfying aspect of my work is knowing that the support I provide has helped my clients in achieving their goals, particularly companies where R&D tax credit claims can help them continue their project research.

Juggling the various demands of the job can be challenging but there’s no greater satisfaction than being able to add value to a client’s business.”

Respect & trust

“I love being able to work collaboratively with colleagues across departments. Having such a range of skills and experience within the team means there is always someone available who can help with an area that is not my expertise. There is a positive ethos within the workplace, and I’m grateful that my colleagues are always supportive and there to bounce ideas off, even during a moment of brain freeze when I ask a simple question.”

My strengths

“With almost 20 years’ experience in tax, I believe that I bring several strengths to the table. I’m dedicated and hardworking. My aim has always been to do my best for clients and go beyond expectations. I frequently have clients tell me how thankful they are for my hard work on an R&D claim, which I’m always delighted to hear. In addition to this, I am a people person; I enjoy working with colleagues and building strong relationships with clients.”

Embracing technology

“I’d say technology has truly revolutionised the way we work but the human touch is still a much needed and key component to building strong trusting relationships. Technology has enabled me to have more face-to-face time with clients via video calls and therefore has helped me get to know them better. But I believe at times a site visit is best to fully appreciate what a client is undertaking.”