Clients who have global payroll requirements in all business sectors.


I help clients with setting up payrolls in all different countries around the world and manage the ongoing delivery of the payrolls once these are in place. 


Oil & Gas. Financial Services. Public Sector. Professional Services.  


Lisa is Global Payroll Manager, and has over 12 years’ experience in Payroll. She is responsible for leading and coordinating implementations for the Global Payroll team at AAB. Lisa works hard to deliver excellent service to a wide range of clients and countries worldwide.

Based in London, Lisa is kept busy with high volume and complex payroll implementation, key account & project management, UK & Channel Islands payroll, process mapping, client payroll process and technology reviewing and transformation.


“My desire to succeed and deliver beyond expectations definitely fuels my work. I bring to the table 12+ years of experience working in the payroll industry, as well as client management and people development skills. From my experience, I know that building strong relationships and trust with colleagues and clients alike is so important, and it helps me to know that I am contributing to the success of the business and further developing my skillset.

My ideal relationship with a client would be based on a foundation of trust, with both of us being proactive rather than reactive. I’ve found that having regular contact with clients is incredibly important, particularly for those of us working in the global payroll team where the greatest challenges are often language barriers and interpretation of different cultures. Regular contact helps to avoid any possible miscommunications. I embrace every opportunity to meet clients face to face which creates rapport and galvanises relationships.


“In addition to delivering high quality service and proactive approach, clients expect honesty, availability and speedy responses to their requests and questions. And that’s what they can expect from my team and I.

Receiving great feedback from clients for a job well done is always a good feeling. We were called “wonderful and amazing” for completing an implementation and the first live month for a client as we successfully met their first payroll with AAB: a smooth and seamless process.


“Staying honest and telling people things they might not want to hear is not always easy, but it’s that boldness and daring personality that gives us an edge on the market because it differentiates us between the “normal” and something different. It’s also part of what makes it exciting to work at AAB, along with the significant, continuous growth. There are pretty much endless opportunities at AAB in terms of development opportunities to learn new things, which is only increasing as the Group increases in size. Our focus on robotic processing automation will give us a further edge on the market and enable us to deliver a product that is one hundred percent accurate and second to none.”


“The other aspect of how AAB conducts business differently is our use of tech. Technology should not be used to replace people, but instead should enhance efficiencies and support people in delivering high quality professional services. What I like about AAB’s approach to use of tech is exactly that – knowing how and when to use technology to do an even better, more accurate, more efficient job, whilst not losing that human touch. The human factor will always be fundamental to AAB’s values and how we deliver client service.”

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