Ranging from director only to a client with 2000+ employees we deliver to the public sector, charities, hotels and leisure, construction, and education.


We offer a full end-to-end service, which means we take away the burden of the whole payroll function, ensuring the client pays their staff accurately and on time, and that they are compliant with HMRC, The Pensions Regulator, etc.


All Sectors.


Linda Kelly – one of our Payroll Partners – has been with the company for over 20 years and has had a varied background. Based in our Stirling office, Linda has headed up the payroll department now for the last 6 years and is incredibly proud of what she has achieved.  Linda has developed a strong department delivering a great service to all our clients. In Linda’s role, she is responsible for ensuring that the team delivers, for the budget, for the fees, for the team.

An end-to-end approach

“My idea of an ideal client relationship would be one where a client can pick up the phone without hesitation to get my advice or input. It’s a two-way interaction and we continue to change processes to make life easier for both the client and the team.

My team and I strive to deliver on time and accurately.  We pride ourselves in our end-to-end approach – taking the full burden away from the client.  They need us to be the experts so they can concentrate on what they do. Often payroll is the biggest expense in a company, so they need to be confident in us to deliver.”


“I’d describe myself as a people person, so the client interactions are where I get the buzz!  Having been with the company for over 20 years, I have lots of strong client relationships and look forward to not only continuing to strengthen existing ones but also building and developing new ones.  When a client takes time out of their busy schedule to let me know what a great service one of the team has given is really rewarding.

Another aspect of my work that I find great satisfaction in is my team. The team are fantastic people to work with – they are all friends as well as colleagues and most certainly a TEAM. I am a great believer that you are only as strong as your team, and I couldn’t do my job as well without the support of such a great team – so I get the credit but without them there is nothing.  We work extremely hard, but we are also such a social bunch – we are friends as well as colleagues and I think that this is very evident in how we work, interact, develop, and deliver.”


“I’d say my greatest strength is my humour! That aside, and after asking the team, these were their responses: my communication skills, compassionate, approachable, great listening skills, supportive of the team, calm and strives on working under pressure.  I’ll take all of that – you will note that modest isn’t included!”

The human touch

“We currently use automation for a number of areas within our processes, but I also firmly believe that the human touch will not only always be required, but that it is essential in maintaining the client relationships. Technology lets us get rid of the repetitive, mundane tasks and allows that time to be used to give our clients support in other areas.”

Greater success to come

“I’m excited to be part of such a big organisation and great team who I believe will allow us to offer our existing clients added value services – shared knowledge and support are also going to help the team.  I strongly believe that this latest acquisition of French Duncan will only add to AAB’s success– we have amazing talent throughout all the departments and some fantastic clients.  So, on that note, I am keen to see where we go next – no doubt bigger and better.”

Our accreditations