Corporate Tax Senior Manager


Who I help

Fast growth – entrepreneurial businesses, Owner-managed businesses, Large corporates, Not for profit organisations.

How I help

Employee Share Schemes, Venture Capital Schemes, Tax Transaction Support. Corporation Tax Compliance.

Sectors/ support

Technology, Industrial, Energy, Not for profit.


“I pride myself on going further than just delivery of a service”

Liam Hosie is a Corporate Tax Senior Manager. Based in our Aberdeen office he works with a wide range of clients from large corporates to entrepreneurial fast growth business to not-for profit organisations. He support clients across a range of AAB service lines.

It’s rare that two days are ever the same for Liam as although part of the Corporate Tax team, he specifically sits within the entrepreneurial tax team. This means he’s often shifting gears between helping implement processes such as employee share schemes, venture capital schemes and helping clients to meet their annual tax compliance deadlines.

Delivering a high quality consistently

“I trained here at AAB The group has grown so much since I first stepped foot in the building all those years ago, but at its core? It’s the same AAB. the same likeminded people driving the business forward and creating great opportunities for our people. It’s knowing the people, the culture and knowing that the growth of the group is going to create amazing opportunities for our people, both present and future.

As someone who trained, developed, and progressed here, it is really amazing to still be working with many of the same clients. I believe they really appreciate that as well because we’ve already built and established that relationship of trust. I’ve got that knowledge and insight into their business so I’m able to give them advice and help when they need it because I really understand what they’re trying to achieve and where they’re trying to get to. I want to be viewed as their trusted adviser and this is something that helps me to consistently deliver for them.”

Beyond delivery

“Tax can be complex, and it doesn’t help that it’s also every changing. However, our ultimate goal is to help clients and give them peace of mind. We do that by trying to anticipate what clients need before they do. When we know changes are coming that will potentially affect them, we’ll get in touch as soon as we can. Letting them know what the changes are, how they might be affected and what if anything they need to do.

The key to overcoming tax changes is being proactive. We never want clients to have to chase us for information- that’s not an extra, that’s just a given in our level of service. It’s not about quantity- it’s really about quality. It doesn’t serve us to do half a job for clients- our aim is always to deliver an awesome service.”

Supporting career goals

“Seeing others progress within the group is so satisfying for me. It’s obviously something a lot of firms talk about, but you do see this at AAB. It’s actually embedded in our culture for people to progress and being able to see people achieve their career goals is so motivating.

Knowing that the opportunities and possibilities of career goals is so motivating for me. Having such a diverse range of knowledge and experience across the group feeds into that as well. I’m able to learn from people across the business as well as people across the team.”

Good tech removes barriers.

“I believe the greatest thing technology has gives us is the ability to work across locations without any barriers. That goes for clients and for colleagues. With AAB expanding into new locations, tech (and not just any tech, but good tech) has been really important. Building relationships with colleagues and integrating has bee made so much easier through tech.

It helps us to deliver a better quality of service to clients and makes that all important communication piece across our teams and across our clients that much easier. It is not however, a replacement for face-to-face interactions. It’s great coming into the office and getting out to meet clients in their place of work. Our ability to build strong relationships is enhanced by tech but the importance of getting physically around a table cannot ever be replaced.”

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