Audit Senior Manager


Who I help

SMEs. Large organisations.

How I help

Delivering a high quality audit service.

Sectors/ Support


“I am a people person at my very core.”

Liam Cheyne is an Audit Senior Manager. Based in our Aberdeen office he brings over 10 years of experience working in practice and in industry in the oil and gas sector. Liam’s role entails leading audits for our clients and helping to maintain and build strong client relationships, providing critical feedback and ensuring we meet our client’s compliance obligations.

Alongside delivering high quality audits Liam is also responsible for developing junior members of the audit team. Encouraging them to develop their skills and gain further knowledge and experience.

Delivering a quality service

“It’s my aim no matter the client that we deliver a high level of service. That we showcase in all our communication that we have the knowledge and experience to deliver an audit that adds value and supports our clients with the challenges they face. We want to be able to deliver solutions, add value and make audit something they don’t need to worry about.

How do we achieve this? Ensuring we have capable team members on the right jobs. Ensuring our people are trained to the high standard our clients expect and that our end product reflects that. We also need to have open and frequent honest communication about the things that we’re finding. We need to be able to update them and discuss timescales and progress throughout the audit process to ensure a seamless service.”

Getting to know the people around me

“I am a people person at my very core. I love getting to know the clients I’m working with. It’s important to discuss the audit and work we’re doing but I also want to get to know them as people, aside from who they are at work. I want to know what they enjoy doing in their spare time, what their home life is like.

I take pride in making sure the teams I oversee are developing their own career in a way that is aligned to their career goals. Not just because I’m their manager but because I want to see them succeed. It’s all about them so it needs to be driven by them. What they need, the skills they have and where they ultimately want to be. I can’t help them achieve those goals without that information. I want to make those goals as achievable as possible. That means cheering them on, providing constructive feedback and giving them that little necessary push when they need it in the right direction”.

Not afraid to go my own way

“Something I’ve learned throughout my career is just how much importance you should place on not just blindly following the crowd. I pride myself on finding more efficient ways of working and the best of working for me. It’s something I always encourage my team to do.

There’s so much value and merit in getting to the right answer in the right way. There is always room for improvement so I’m constantly looking for better, more effective ways of doing things. I’m always asking myself: how do we get better? How do we learn from past mistakes? How do we ensure we’re continually improving?”

An audit that delivers value

“One of the great things about audit is that we’re able to give our clients insight from an outside perspective about what we’re seeing within their business, what improvements we think they could benefit from. If they don’t want to act on our recommendations that’s totally fine but at least we’ve given them that knowledge about what they could do.”

New opportunities

“A continuous challenge we face stems from pressure to always keep improving audit quality and managing the impact of new accounting and auditing standards. With any challenge however, there’s also opportunity. We have the opportunity to meet that new bar they’ve set for us. We can ensure our teams have the relevant knowledge to comply with new regulations, the support they need to develop themselves, and the drive to continue delivering quality  for our clients. They know they can trust we’ll keep them compliant.”