Corporate Finance Senior Manager 



Owner Managed Businesses. Entrepreneurial Businesses. Private Equity. Large Corporates.


Business Acquisitions and Disposals. Fundraising. Due diligence. Financial projections and business plans. Business valuations.


All sectors, including Energy, Business Services and Construction & Property.


Lewis Dunbar is a Senior Manager in our Corporate Finance team, and is based in our Aberdeen office. Since joining the Corporate Finance team, Lewis has been involved in a number of projects, including financial modelling, due diligence and disposals. He also takes a lead in coaching team members within the department, helping more junior staff to develop and reach their professional goals. 


“What I really value in my relationship with clients is openness and honesty. I want my clients to be able to phone me whenever they want to, and ask or tell me whatever they want to. That reciprocity of trust is really important to building a good relationship. I’m also genuinely interested in them and their life, rather than just how their business did last year.” 


“Everything we work on is different, so there’s no single template that works for everyone. This means that you really have to understand the transaction specifics: what you’re doing, and why. You have to really get to grips with and be comfortable with the businesses and people you’re working with. 

If you start to get repetitive with how you deal with things, you’ll get caught out pretty quickly, because from one transaction or project to the next, something will have changed. The only constant is that no matter what, your client is your priority. 

Obviously the ever-changing nature of the work means that it’s pretty demanding, as you need to stay vigilant and engaged at all times, but the fact that it keeps you on your toes is exactly what makes it so interesting and exciting as well.” 


“Helping clients and genuinely seeing the difference I’ve made and the value I’ve added in a tangible way is the most satisfying part of my job. I don’t even just mean financially or in terms of their business, because of course these things impact and intertwine with a client’s wellbeing – if they were stressed about a deal, or worried about not getting enough funding, for example, I can help them reach an end result they’re happy with, help them reach their goals, and give them peace of mind by taking away that stress or worry.” 


“That sense of satisfaction is mirrored in my work with my colleagues too. As well as obviously managing projects for clients, I’m also a coach for the department, so I lead staff development for the more junior members of our team. They report to me and I help them set and reach their professional goals. 

As a manager and a kind of coach, when we get new team members join us, and I help with their learning and development, and then six months later you see them working on things with relative independence and confidence, really understanding things, it’s a great feeling.” 


“Flexibility and adaptability are probably two of the greatest strengths that I bring to AAB. I’ve also built up a significant amount of technical knowledge at this point in my career, so it’s great to be able to put that to use and to share it with colleagues.  

I’m definitely a people person; I know how to bring out the best in my team, and support them in going above and beyond their own expectations of themselves. I’m also good at building and maintaining relationships. It’s really important to me that clients feel totally comfortable and confident with me, and that we have a shared vision of their future or desired outcomes, so that we can work in sync towards it together.” 

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