My Glasgow colleagues and across the wider team if required.


I assist with any UK payroll queries and tasks, and forward any other queries outwith my skill set to my colleagues within AAB.


UK Payroll. HR. Corporate benefits. Personal tax.


Lesley is a UK Payroll Manager in our Glasgow office. With over 30 years of experience, Lesley manages a team of Payroll professionals to ensure they focus on understanding, communicating and delivering a highly efficient payroll service to clients.

She is hard-working, committed, approachable, knowledgeable in her specific field and willing to adapt to change. She enjoys working closely with the team to ensure that whether it is a large business or small employer, clients are provided with the reassurance that their obligations are being met within required deadlines. Seeing the team develop, progress and gain confidence is a large part of her job satisfaction.


“I want clients to feel comfortable engaging me on any matter – and feel confident in trusting my judgement and guidance, and use me as their ‘first stop’ for support.

I think it is very satisfying when your client calls you and says ‘I need your help’ – and you can provide that help and solve their problems. I like to build a relationship with our clients – both business and individual – to earn their trust.

I like my colleagues to find me approachable, for any issue, whether it be work or personally related. I have watched my close payroll colleagues develop from youngsters into fully qualified payroll professionals – whom I am very proud of – and have found it very satisfying that I have been able to support them on their journeys, and they are still with me after numerous years!

My clients trust me to proactively provide information that is specific to their business requirements. Accuracy. Meeting all deadlines.”


“The HC merger has been challenging but it has also opened my eyes to the huge payroll arena in which I can further develop my skills. AAB are striving ahead into areas I never dreamed about and it gives me plenty of new challenges to go for! This has definitely created a new drive in me.”


“I always think you need to have an element of hands-on with your some of your less tech enabled clients – a lot of them are not hugely tech-enabled currently, and the prospect of becoming moreso can be scary for them. However, supporting a not so tech-enabled firm which is striving hard to become a very tech-enabled firm is very exciting.

Within the payroll world so many tasks are repetitive – so becoming more efficient and risk reducing, using technology can only be a good thing.”


“What are the greatest challenges in your specialist area and how do you respond to them? Our greatest challenge at the moment is meeting deadlines within specific periods in the month. We achieve these by very strong teamwork support and working hard!”


“I personally am excited about the different challenges and paths ahead of me over the coming years.  I am excited to be part of a much larger team and having the support of loads of lovely people! I am also excited to see the Glasgow payroll team grow. For AAB I am excited to watch them very rapidly expand across the UK- while having connections with other firms worldwide – and for me to be a part of that. AAB appear to have great initiative and developments in the pipeline – whilst maintaining that ‘AAB family’ feel.”