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Owner-managed businesses. Not for Profit organisations. Charities. Housing Associations. Higher Education Bodies.

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VAT Advisory & Compliance.

Sector Teams

Business Services. Not-For-Profit.

“Providing clients with knowledge to make informed decisions.”

Laura Moore is an Indirect Tax Manager based in our Leeds office. She helps her clients by assisting with VAT queries to help mitigate costs and ensure compliance. Laura is passionate about getting to really know her clients so that she can understand their position. This enables her to offer them both practical solutions and advice.

Alongside her role as Indirect Tax Manager Laura sits on our Not for Profit sector team, helping businesses in this sector overcome the ever-increasing demands placed on them. The crucial role that not for profit and charitable organisations play in societies is one of the reasons that Laura is so passionate about their success.

Trust & honesty

“I love working with clients. I believe that the strong relationships we’re able to build with clients is because we are their trusted advisor. No matter how long we’ve been working with that client all our relationships begin with trust and honesty, it is so important. I like the fact that my clients know I’m only a call away if they have any queries- VAT related ones or otherwise, they know, I’ll always do my best to help them and if I don’t know the answer, I will find them someone that does.

I want to help my clients where I can- whether that’s solving a problem, helping them avoid a VAT loss or just helping them to improve their overall position that is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.”

Tech enabled options

“I like being able to offer my clients a balanced and hybrid approach of virtual and in person. Being able to really get to know clients and understand their position is a lot easier when you can have face to face conversations with them. That isn’t to discredit the value of tech for us however. By utilising technology we’re able to communicate easily and effectively with clients and speed up processes that in turn reduce costs for clients where necessary. AAB being tech enabled really helps us to offer our clients more and the options we have available help us to help our clients achieve their goals.”

Seeking advice in advance

“One of the biggest challenges I find is helping clients to understand the value that we can add and how important it can be to seek advice in advance of transactions going ahead. When it comes to more complex transactions it can be really beneficial for clients to have these conversations ahead of time. People might think that we’re looking for an excuse to quote for work, however, as VAT is a transactional tax, it’s important to seek advice in advance because once it’s been completed it can be difficult to correct the position retrospectively. While clients might have a basic understanding of VAT there’s a lot of changing legislation and changes to policies within HMRC. This is something we do for clients, freeing up their time to focus on the running of their business.”

Passionate about giving back

“It’s important to me to work for  affirm that’s passionate about giving back to the communities it operates within. That is something I love about AAB. There are many great initiatives locally and nationally which encourages us to work as a team and support each other.”

Making Indirect Tax Accessible

“One of the greatest compliments a client has given me is that the advice I gave was easy to understand and helpful. That is key to what we are trying to achieve as a team. Taking the technical considerations from the guidance and legislation and making it accessible to our clients so they are in the best possible position to make informed decisions.”

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