Private Client Assistant Manager


Who I help

High net worth individuals. Sole traders. Partnerships. Trusts and estates.

How I help

Self-Assessment. Income tax. Capital Gains Tax. Inheritance Tax. Tax Planning. Property Disposals. Trust Registration Service. HMRC enquiries and disclosures.

“I love going above & beyond to exceed client expectations.”

Kirsty Ringland is a Private Client Assistant Manager based in our Belfast office. Her role involves managing and advising a portfolio of clients that includes business owners, lawyers, doctors, farmers and landlords. Kirsty supports these clients with tax compliance and advisory services. It’s her job to ensure that clients are tax-compliant and work alongside them to identify any goals and plans for the future. Kirsty is also a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians, the leading professional body for those providing UK tax compliance services.

As an Assistant Manager, Kirsty is also involved in helping junior team members develop their knowledge and gain experience supporting clients to help them progress and achieve their career goals.

Acting as a trusted advisor

“My goal is to always be professional but also friendly and approachable. I want clients to feel like they can contact me at any time to discuss any queries or issues they’re having. When we’re able to have these relationships with clients there’s a foundation of mutual trust. Working in Private Client there’s a personal element because of the sensitive nature of personal tax affairs. This means that trust is an essential part of what we do. I love building these relationships with my clients and being able to provide them with a sounding board.

Consistently adding value

“I pride myself on always approaching situations with a can-do attitude. Our clients want to know that we are 2 things- knowledgeable and reliable. That means agreeing to achievable deadlines, ensuring those deadlines are met and that the completed work is delivered to the highest standards and quality. It also means that when clients have questions, I don’t have the answer to, I utilise the network we have across AAB Group to find them someone who’s able to help and not just settle for ‘I don’t know”. Being able to truly help clients and seeing them come back time and time again because they know we have their best interests at heart and genuinely care is so satisfying.”

Staying informed to be prepared

“Tax is everchanging and complex my aim is always to demystify tax for my clients. I’m not there to just regurgitate legislation for them- I’m there to help them understand, to take that legislation and make it digestible for them, to help them understand what the legislation means for them. It’s great when clients have that lightbulb moment and understand why we’re giving them the advice we are. I want my clients to only ever make decisions that are informed by the most relevant knowledge, so I always ensure they fully understand the information I’m giving them.”

This always-changing nature of tax legislation means that we always have to try to get ahead of the curve of forthcoming changes. I’ll always keep myself appraised of potential changes and let clients know as soon as I do especially where these could have an impact. This helps me to prepare them for what might come. In the ever-evolving world of UK tax law, staying knowledgeable and adaptable is not just beneficial- it’s essential. Our team can use a combination approach of education, industry resources, and professional networks to stay informed and ahead. Staying up to date is imperative for us to get the best tax outcomes for our clients.”

Living our values

“It’s really exciting to be part of AAB Group. At the heart of everything the firm does is our people. There’s a real passion and desire to encourage and develop our people. I feel very privileged that I get to work with such a diverse range of people. At all levels, there’s such a variety of strengths, interests, and knowledge. This has given me a wealth of opportunities to learn and develop my knowledge and further my experience. Being part of such a supportive environment is so rewarding – I genuinely love coming to work and working with the team.”

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