Mainly smaller owner managed businesses in a variety of sectors throughout Northern Ireland.

Owner managed businesses. SMEs.


Audit and assurance services. Preparation of statutory accounts.


Construction & Property. Engineering. Manufacturing. Industrial. Recruitment services.


Based in our Dungannon office, Kevin Hayes is an Audit Assistant Manager.  His role involves the planning and delivery of high-quality audit and assurance services for his portfolio of clients working across a variety of sectors in Northern Ireland. For Kevin it’s really important that we deliver everything we set out to achieve and that when we’re finished, we’ve been able to add value for our clients.

Alongside delivering audit services he supports junior members of the team to progress and develop within their careers. Providing support and feedback where necessary to help make their career goals achievable.


“I believe that the best client relationships should strike a balance between a professional and relaxed approach. I love when I’m able to have relationships with clients where we’re able to be open and relaxed, where we can share a laugh and really get to know the client on a personal level. When we have those relationships it’s clear that there’s mutual respect and trust on both sides.

That’s what I aim to build with clients so that they know we are here to provide them with a strong quality service and that we’ll go above and beyond to really support their businesses and help them achieve their goals.”


“For a lot of the clients I work with, their business is their life and they’ve started it themselves from scratch. Seeing firsthand the passion they have for the business they’ve grown and the enthusiasm they have for the future they’re planning is so motivating for me. The success and continuity of the business is really important to them and that is not something I take for granted. That’s why I pride myself on getting to know them and their business, what they want to achieve, what their goals are and from that I’m able to understand the role I can play in making those goals achievable for them.

It’s amazing to be a part of helping to build on and improve the processes of their business and play a part in them making their dreams a reality.”


“I’m a firm believer that collaboration with colleagues enables us to deliver a service that’s easier and better. There’s always someone in the team that is available and willing to provide support or assistance when one of us is struggling. The benefit of this is that we’re able to learn from our colleagues whilst also delivering a high-quality service for our clients.

Being able to collaborate with our teams across AAB Group is especially helpful when it comes time to stay up to date with regulatory updates and statutory requirements in the audit field. Our primary focus will always be on ensuring that our clients are compliant. Having so many people working in Audit across the group means that we can share knowledge of upcoming changes and collectively ensure our clients are adhering to the latest regulations adding further value for our clients.”


“In a constantly changing field such as Audit it’s important that you are receptive to change. It’s something that I will always try to encourage my clients to be as well as it will only ever benefit them to embrace changes that are coming.

AAB’s reputation for being disruptive, feisty, and assertive is what drives my approach to working. I’m always searching for  opportunities to improve the efficiency of a job and not simply follow the prior year approach. This also involves challenging the client in different ways and not asking the same regular questions. However, as we challenge, we must also be open to challenge – we fully engage with our clients and other stakeholders in order to fully get a grasp of the best way to carry out our engagement for the client. We welcome and encourage clients asking us questions when they have them because we’re working together not just for them so they should fully understand what our reasoning is for doing certain things in a certain way.”

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