Restructuring & Recovery Director



As an experienced Insolvency Practitioner, I am committed to assisting company directors and individuals, navigate their way through financial difficulties to find a way forward.


Whether it be a company director or individual who needs expert insolvency advice, I take time to listen and understand the issues. Drawing on my in-depth knowledge of insolvency law and regulation, together with my practical experience, I work with the client to ensure that the optimal solution, unique to their set of circumstances is offered.


I have extensive experience across many sectors, which allows me to draw on past experiences to offer commercial, practical, and technical advice to a wide range of businesses of varying sizes. My sector experience covers hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, and technology. I also have a proven track record of helping distressed charities, clubs, and societies.

Internally, I also have a cross service line presence, particularly due to being Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer.


Based in the Glasgow office, Jude Howson is a Director within the Restructuring and Recovery team. A licenced Insolvency Practitioner, with 28 years’ experience in Restructuring and Recovery, she is also a Chartered Certified Accountant.

Jude supervises a team undertaking complex corporate insolvency cases and personal insolvency cases. She is an experienced trainer and takes responsibility for overseeing in-house training and all technical and compliance matters. Jude is the Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer. Her external roles include being a member of the R3 Scotland Committee for the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3) and she sits nationally on R3’s Small Practices Group.


“The most important aspect of my role as an Insolvency Practitioner is being able to make a positive impact under challenging circumstances for businesses and individuals. My commitment to working side by side with the client to navigate through their financial difficulties is fulfilling particularly when a favourable outcome is achieved which allows the business to move forward with the preservation of jobs or when an individual is able to move forward with their life free from crippling financial debts. Going through an insolvency process is an incredibly stressful time for a company director or an individual and to be able to help them with an honest, down to earth approach is very rewarding for me.

I aim to be a Trusted Advisor and getting the balance right is important. It’s a two-way relationship. I listen, understand and am always empathetic – regardless of the circumstances, and I try my best to understand my client’s needs and wants in order to provide the most suitable and tailored advice.

My clients can expect from me a professional but friendly approach, providing sound advice which will assist them to see a way forward. The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is helping clients find a solution. Even when dealing with the most challenging situations I have received positive feedback on the way I have handled everything, resulting in future work referrals.”


“Together with our professional qualifications and expertise, we bring many aspects of our personalities, experiences and skill sets to create a great Restructuring and Recovery team, and we all have something unique to contribute. It is this multifaceted approach that creates the magic. All these foundations nurture an environment of trust and a culture of hard work and at the same time make it a fun place to work. As a senior member of our team, I lead by example. I always work side by side with my colleagues and always make time for them for whatever reason they may need me for, and whenever.

I always bring a smile and positive energy to our workplace. I think that helps keep the team motivated and creates an environment where everyone wants to do well both for themselves and for the greater benefit of the team.”


“I’m always seeking to develop and grow both professionally and personally. Gaining my Insolvency Licence and becoming a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner, signifies a new chapter in my career and reinforces my commitment to excellence and my desire to make a more significant impact helping those in financial difficulties. It also opens up exciting opportunities to develop the practice not only in Scotland but in England and Ireland.”