Private Client Senior Manager



Sole Traders. Partnerships. High Net Worth Individuals in both UK and Republic of Ireland.


Self-Assessment tax returns. Capital Gains Tax. Disclosures. Tax consultancy.


Private Client. Business Advisory Group.


Based in our Dungannon office, Joy Beavers is a Senior Manager within the Private Client team, specialising in Personal Tax Compliance in both UK and Republic of Ireland Jurisdictions. Joy helps her clients by completing and submitting their Self-Assessment tax returns and dealing with follow up queries from HMRC; providing advice in relation to their personal tax affairs; and tax planning. She is also involved in the preparation and submission of Disclosures to HMRC and completing accounts.

Joy is dedicated to providing our clients a professional, efficient, and value-adding service that exceeds their expectations.

The foundation of a lasting relationship

“I believe trust, honesty and communication are the foundations of any relationship. By deepening the connection with our clients, we can work in close partnership to finding the solutions to the problems that they face. I want the best outcomes for our clients, so I always try to dedicate time to build trust and really get to know them and their business.”

Providing an all-rounded service

“Clients are the life of any business, so it’s only natural that we put our clients at the forefront of our business. Over the last few years with the amalgamation of Sagars, FPM and French Duncan, AAB are continually striving to provide a fully rounded, bespoke professional service to new and existing clients.

Having such a skilled and diverse workforce means that we can provide an excellent client service and we’re able to support our clients to achieve their goals in every possible way.”

Keeping up with technology

“When communicating with clients I avail of all forms of virtual and hands-on routes. However, due the nature of the work I do, I have to be mindful that some of our clients may prefer the traditional way of meeting, especially in cases where they might not be IT literate. As a tech-enabled business, we always aim to be at the forefront of technology, taking advantage of efficiencies where applicable, however, at the same time we absolutely still want to keep the personal touch. No matter what my clients’ preferences are, I’m always happy to meet their needs, whether they prefer communicating via virtual channels or meeting in-person.”

My greatest strengths

“I have over 25 years of working within Private Client and Accounts. Having worked in one of the Big Four Accountancy Firms for 20 years, I’ve gained extensive experience in different areas of tax. Throughout my working career in Tax, I’ve learned the importance of making sure I bring our clients and colleagues along on the journey, so that they feel involved and not simply a number.

I’m also approachable and love getting to know my colleagues and clients, so that they can feel comfortable discussing their personal tax and business affairs with me. Over the years, my clients have expressed to me how much they appreciate my personal touch, and the fact that not only do I take the time to listen, but I also take a genuine interest in their business affairs. Compliments like these remind me what a difference we make by taking the pressure off our clients – they really make the work I do worthwhile.”

Excited for what the future holds

“AAB Group are continually growing at an extraordinary pace across all services, striving to provide a full service for our clients. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the exciting opportunity to work with a wide range of new, interesting clients, continuing to learn from my colleagues, and further developing my own skill set.”

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