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Jonathan Leiper is a Senior Manager based in Aberdeen, who works with clients to find the best way for their computer systems to talk to our payroll systems. With larger clients, that might mean building an interface that can collect data and load it automatically – so clients don’t have to extract the information themselves or send over spreadsheets. 

Jonathan also works out the best way to provide accounting journals and finance reports back to clients. Increasingly, that is being done through the innovative Power BI dashboard. A platform that gives clients access to their data so they can manipulate it whenever and however they like.  


“I love my role because it’s always a challenge. New implementations. Or dealing with a new client or system that’s a little bit different from before. It calls for strong problem-solving skills.  I know what I want the end result to be, but there may be lots of different ways to get there and find something that works really well for the client.  

When I can take an old process that people thought was successful and transform it into something much faster and more reliable, that’s really satisfying. I’m saving clients time and effort – and giving them peace of mind into the bargain.” 


“When handling payroll, a lot of companies will say this is our system, you have to log in and use it this way. I take a different approach. I say tell me what systems you like to use, and we’ll find a way to utilise your data – to find a tech solution that’s the best fit for both of us. 

I’ve also introduced Power BI dashboard reporting. It’s an off the shelf system available to any of our payroll clients. They get very excited about it when I give them a demo. It’s a way of consolidating all the data that we hold. Then clients can go on the dashboard and slice and dice it any way they like. For different time periods, different groups of employees. Anything really. It’s brilliant.” 


“I’ve been with AAB for a couple of decades, so I’ve got a lot of experience. I was originally on the accounting side, implementing systems and training people to use them. So I’ve got a pretty good handle of what the common business processes are. And how that fits into the way we collect and process information.  

I also enjoy helping people get to grips with new technology. I’m always happy to jump on a call or spend time with people if they’re trying to work something out or solve a problem. People know that I’m generous with my time.” 


“I think clients like working with me because of my experience. They can ask me about other systems. I can tell them this worked well, or that didn’t work quite so well. So, I can help steer them in one direction or the other to find the best solution for their business.  

And because I have accounting experience as well as systems and software experience, I can speak easily to people on both sides of the coin. I think they appreciate that. It also means I can talk technically to technical people. But know how to keep it simple for people who want to understand the process – without getting bogged down in the finer detail.” 

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