Customs Director



Importers. Exporters. SMEs. Large Corporations. International Businesses.  


Customs Duty. Compliance Advice. Supply Chain Management. HMRC Contact. Dispute Resolutions. System Audits. 


Industrial. Tech. Engineering. Healthcare. Leisure, Retail & Hospitality. 


 Jon Hicks works in our VAT & Customs Duty team, Jon ensures the team provide advice and guidance to a broad range of businesses involved in international trade. 

 Identifying opportunities to reduce customs duty spend whilst ensuring compliance in complex regulations, Jon works with importers and exporters across a variety of sectors providing day-to-day guidance, supply chain management and recovering overpaid duty.  


 “Importers are liable for the declarations that they make for their business, so they need to have absolute belief in our decision making on their behalf. It goes without saying that to achieve this, there must be mutual trust and recognition.  

I always aim to give my clients complete and accurate advice, quick responses, and an approach that is both personal and professional. One of the most satisfying parts of my role is identifying solutions, for example in supply chain, that save my clients time and money.   

To achieve this, I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients, their business and their long-term goals and ambitions to make sure we are working together side by side for a common purpose. Our team haven’t lost a customs duty client in 20 years and that is a testament to our hard work and dedication.” 


 “We have entirely disrupted our market.  No one is doing what we do, and the team is growing rapidly.   

 Technology has sped up many areas of the supply chain and we now have access to data we never had before. We’re a forward thinking team, and whilst we know technology will never fully replace that induvial relationship, we utilise the tech we can to give our clients the best possible service. 

 The wider landscape also changes constantly due to trade agreements, one-off occurrences (Brexit) and geopolitical issues (the war in Ukraine). Staying up to speed with these changes is a particular challenge for all operatives involved in the supply of goods. Clients rightly expect accurate, balanced and up-to-date information to enable them to move goods, but moreover, to do this whilst creating a profit. This is arguably the biggest challenge, but without doubt it provides for the greatest reward!”  


 “I’ve worked in customs and supply chain for 37 years, and every year brings new changes for me to improve my skills and knowledge. A hugely satisfying part of my role is working with others in the team on developing their career, giving them opportunities to try new things and follow their passions. It is extremely rewarding when team members tell me they love their job and recommend contacts to join the team – it is all you wish for as a leader.   

AAB’s culture is one that enables people. We’re all about creating opportunities for team members and clients to share a common platform founded on quality of service, efficient delivery and expert minds working together. Our approach is innovative, we want AAB to be looked at as the future of accounting and business advisory and I’m looking forward to playing a part in that. 


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    Jon Hicks, Customs Director

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