Who I help

Any and all kinds of businesses.

How I help

Providing payroll services and advice.


 I work with the Global Employment Tax team within our wider Payroll & Employment team, supporting a wide range of sectors.

“I love sitting down with a problem & working my way to a solution.”

John Cuthbert is a Payroll Assistant Manager within our Global Mobility Payroll team. Working between Edinburgh and Glasgow, John provides a range of payroll services and advice.

It is the changing processes and diverse nature of his role that John loves. He balances his portfolio of key clients while assisting and supporting the wider team.

Deliver for clients

“I think that when you work as closely with clients as we do and handle such sensitive data and at times conflicting or quick deadlines you can’t be afraid to be a little assertive if the situation calls for it! We have to ensure that we give our clients the most important aspects they expect from us which is honesty, efficiency and accuracy.

For me, it is important that there’s mutual respect when working with clients. I want to be able to provide the best possible service and to do that I sometimes need to be able to speak openly with them regarding their data and processes. We are in a unique position where we can potentially identify an alternative process saving the client time and/or money!”

Personal element

“I don’t think technology should be a complete replacement for ‘hands-on’ work, it should integrate and compliment the work we do but having a personal element to a service is what keeps a client happy.”

Exciting future

“I love being part of a growing service with a forward-thinking team and I am excited for what the future holds.”

Collaboration is key

“One of our AAB group values is ‘collaboration is our superpower’ and I think it applies perfectly to the Global Mobility Payroll eam in particular. We work so closely and collaborate with the Global Employment Tax team which allows us all to focus on our strengths and provide the best solution to our clients and when we work together there is no better team.”

More than one way to get something done

“My greatest strength is probably my analytical mind, I love sitting down with a problem and working my way to a solution. I am also always looking for a way to streamline the process- just because it has always been done that way doesn’t mean it always has to be!”

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