Owner-managed SMEs. Large corporates.


M&A lead advisory. Financial due diligence. Financial modelling. Valuations. Forensic accounting services. Business advisory.


Hospitality & Tourism. Real Estate. Engineering. Manufacturing. Waste Management.


Based in our Belfast office, Jack Langan is a Manager within the Corporate Finance Business Unit. In his role, Jack supports the wider team in delivering a wide range of business solutions to a varied portfolio of clients ranging from owner-managed SMEs to larger corporates.


“An ideal relationship with a client is one built on reciprocal trust and open dialogues. I strive to go the extra mile for my clients by being responsive and timely when addressing any queries they have. I also enjoy taking the time to get to know them outside of the assignment.

Clients can always expect high-quality, bespoke work from us that is professional, informed and honest. As a full-service practice, our clients know that they can lean on us no matter where they are throughout their business lifecycle. We’re committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, adapting to the ever-evolving regulations and market while finding innovative solutions to the complex problems they face.”


“I love having the opportunity to meet new people and learn their stories. We come across so many talented and interesting people in our line of work, from entrepreneurs and investors to company directors just to name a few. It’s a privilege to work with our clients, learning from their expertise whilst supporting them to achieve their goals.

The same can be said about working with colleagues. I feel we’re very fortunate to have such knowledgeable and personable team members across the AAB Group. It’s great being able to draw upon expertise and connections across the various business units and geographies. We also have unmatched opportunities within the firm, with great mentors and a strong leadership team that are dedicated to motivating and encouraging professional development and personal growth.”


“It’s great to get out and connect with clients as I find it much easier to build a deeper connection through face-to-face interactions. Face-to-face meetings often allow for more fluid conversations and more effective collaboration. That said, virtual platforms have the advantage of allowing us to better collaborate intra-office, connect with overseas investors and perform services for clients in other jurisdictions. I believe each of the hands-on and virtual approaches have their own advantages so I’d say it’s all about getting the balance right.”

the power of collaboration

“I believe collaboration is something we do exceptionally well across the firm. We’re very fortunate that as a full-service firm, we have the expertise across our business units to solve any problem that a client might face. If a client presents a problem that I don’t have the requisite expertise to solve, I can quickly connect them to someone within the firm who I trust will be as committed as I am to help that client get the advice they need. It’s always reassuring to know I have a great team that I can rely on for support.”

my greatest strengths

“I’d say one of my greatest strengths is my ability to problem solve. I like taking a problem and looking at it from every angle, allowing me to swiftly get to the root of the problem and ensure that the solutions I provide add maximum value for the client. On top of this, I’m also a good listener and I can quickly build relationships with my clients and colleagues.”