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Based in our Glasgow office, Indie Mann is a Senior Audit Manager involved with all sizes of organisations and across sectors including commercial, charity, pensions, professional services (solicitors), care homes and healthcare.

Indie’s main responsible is to manage the audit process from planning through to field work and then completion. Indie is line manager to six audit staff members and involved in their training and development. He is also involved in the preparation of tenders for new work as well as presenting to potential new audit clients.

Indie’s experience has been built up over nearly 30 years of service, having worked with small audit firms, mid-tier firms and the Big 4.

Committed & Dedicated

“I aim to deliver on the audit commitment – starting the work on time, working through any issues with the client and then completing the audit on time with minimal disruption to the client staff. On top of this, throughout the year, I am available for clients to discuss ad-hoc issues or questions. I strive to build strong relationships where there is good two-way communication.

I enjoy building a good working relationship and rapport with the client as I always have the client’s best interests at heart. Where I am unable to help, I have the experience to being able to point the client to who within the firm is the expert to ask. Clients have expressed their appreciation that I just get on with things without creating a fuss. One client mentioned that I have an understated presence yet at the same time my gravitas is there for all to see.”

Exceeding expectations

“My mantra has always been to get the work done on time and keep the client happy. This often means working over and above what would be expected. If there are issues on an audit, I am not afraid to challenge the client.

Within the team I have an expectation that the work will be done on time, especially where I have not been asked for help/advice on a particular area of concern. However, at the same time, I make a point of ensuring staff understand that “my door is always open” so they can ask me for guidance. Also, I try and provide enough help that allow staff to understand the issue and which allows them to  come up with a solution by themselves, which I feel does wonders for their confidence.”

Determination to succeed

“Clients are our passion and this is a core value that every firm should have at the heart of its ethos. I have always from an early stage in my career treated clients with the respect and dedication that they require. Over the years I have learned of the intricacies that make each client different. I listen to clients and learn to understand the issues that are close to their hearts and which keep them awake at night. As a professional, it is my duty to make sure that the audit is completed on time and to a high standard with the client fully kept up to date as the work proceeds. I take pride in my work and to date have never let a client down in this respect, even if it meant that I had to go the extra mile and work harder and later.”

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