Director & Head of Digital Accounting Solutions



Owner-managed businesses, start-ups, and SMEs.


Advise on financial systems and processes, Business Advisory, Management Accounts, Outsourced Accountancy Services, and Technical Accounting.


Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism, Retail, E-commerce, Professional Services, and Technology.


Graham Dyer is a Director & Head of Digital Accounting Solutions at our Glasgow office. Graham is an experienced chartered accountant with a dislike of spending long hours adding numbers. He specialises in helping businesses automate their financial systems and identify efficiencies using digital technology.

Graham strives to add value for clients by interpreting the numbers, advising owner-managed businesses on growth, and achieving their goals. He is passionate about spreading a digital mindset and culture across the business and implementing the best available technology for our clients, helping them make better business decisions through a technology-led approach.

Graham’s approach involves working closely with business owners and managers to gain a deeper understanding of the unique processes and mechanics of each business to offer truly tailored, meaningful accounting, tax, and finance services.

Honesty, trust, & support

“A client going on a digitalisation journey can be daunting – it’s a step into the unknown. They are putting their trust in me to produce the original vision we created. There can be bumps in the road to achieving that, and I need to be honest that these can arise but I will strive to work with the client to achieve their goals, then we can have a trusting relationship.

An ideal relationship with a client is one with clear and frequent communication. We look to be considered part of the client’s team – people that they can trust, that they can be open with and share the ups and the downs. I believe if we can build that relationship then we get considerably greater insights and can provide accurate, tailored advice rather than just working off numbers on a page.

Seeing businesses thrive

“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is helping them achieve their goals. In seeing their business thrive and knowing we’ve been there to support them in that journey. I also take pleasure in the satisfaction clients get from having a finance system that works as it should – when they’re able to get real-time data and insights that can assist in business decisions.”

Digitalisation haS changed how we & our clients work

“It’s an exciting time to be working in the accounting industry. Digitalisation has changed how we and our clients work. If we don’t continue to evolve and innovate, then we’ll become obsolete and be replaced by robots. We must embrace technology, educate ourselves and our clients then guide them to a better way of working.

When I tell people I am an accountant they often get the idea that we spend our days behind a calculator adding up numbers. However, technology is changing the accountancy profession and thus, allowing us to offer a better service to our clients. Ultimately, my goal is to get to a position where the numbers just fall out a system with strong processes which can be relied on. We can then spend our time interpreting those numbers and focusing on future goals.

I’m excited to work for a tech-enabled but people focussed firm. That balance is going to be key for our industry future and I believe that AAB has that balance correct.”

The human element

“I prefer a hands-on approach. We cannot forget the human element. That is, simply, the most important aspect. Good accountancy services require good relationships with clients; to do that we need to spend time with clients. Utilising the best available technology is an enabler to building better relationships and offering a better service. I’m privileged to get that ‘behind the curtain’ view of a business, warts-and-all, to see how it really ticks, and what the hopes and dreams are. That’s why I do this job – it must be ‘hands-on’.”

Supporting my team

“I get a buzz working with tech but I get the greatest satisfaction from the people I work with. A large part of my role is developing and educating staff. I love to see staff gain confidence, provide strong advice, and build relationships with other staff and clients. If my team can be at their best, then that will reap dividends in my role and the clients we collaborate with. People can have their ups and downs; we must be mindful of that, to not get too upset at the downs or carried away with the ups. Above all, we want to cultivate a culture where we can support and get the very best from one another.”