Owner Managed Businesses. Large Corporates. International and Domestic Groups. 


External Audit. Statutory Accounts Preparation. Charities SORP Compliance. 


Charities & Not for Profit. Oilfield Services.  


Graeme Penman is a Director and part of our Audit team. He specialises in providing audit and assurance for a wide range of clients and sectors. 

Based in our Aberdeen office, Graeme works extensively on audits for charities, large corporates, and international and domestic groups.  

Graeme can advise you on a wide range of issues, from audit compliance, statutory accounts preparation and SORP compliance.  


“I really enjoy working with clients where we have mutual respect, trust, and natural rapport. Having those strong relationships ensures our clients get the best out of their audit and the advice we can provide throughout the audit process and beyond. 

It’s important to me that we deliver efficient, robust, high-quality audits to our clients. We are highly responsive to our clients needs. We work to client’s deadlines as well as statutory deadlines, to ensure we offer excellent service delivery to every client we support.” 


“I always look to add value to our clients with the advice we give as part of the audit process. That advice may be around improvements to processes, controls, and systems. It’s about giving our clients tangible benefits from their audit. 

We want to ‘always remain relevant’ to our clients and adapt to the technology that’s available to add even more value to the audit process. Audit quality is also at the heart of everything we do and the level and type of work we carry out reflects this.” 


“I’ve been able to build my career with AAB since leaving university and have had opportunities to progress, which has been great. I’ve always had amazing support from other people in the business, whether that’s day-to-day support from the wider team or a partner in another department being my coach and mentor. I feel like I’ve grown as an individual as AAB have grown. 

There are still amazing opportunities for the growth of AAB in the future and that excites me. I’ve no doubt that I’ll continue to grow as an individual, whether that’s working with different clients, services or at different locations. I really look forward to that.” 


“I have a hugely dedicated team around me that are really focused on delivering for our clients and I’m very proud of how they deliver great service.  

It’s great now to be in a leadership role where I can help other people build their careers within the firm and I can pass on some of my experience. I’m a mentor for ICAS and find that really rewarding to help graduates begin to build their knowledge and career in the sector. Bringing new talent into the profession and into AAB is really exciting.” 

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